One of the most popular trends according to various social media studies these days are eyelash extensions. While they definitely look fantastic on most people, there are ones that claim that eyelashes have some negative sides to them. We are going to discuss all of the benefits that eyelash extensions will bring into your life, as well as the claimed cons of some people that tried out the extensions.

What are lash extensions?

Before we get into the details of the benefits and the negatives of lash extensions, it is important to understand what they are, and how they can differ in quality. Eyelash extensions are either synthetic or natural hair fibbers which individually get applied to the base of your original eyelash with surgical glue.

Since every lash is placed one by one, it is quite a time-consuming process, so it is very important that you are patient, and that the one applying the eyelashes is not in a rush. That is why you are going to get much better result with a professional that takes their time and has patience to place them perfectly like Fancy Lash than asking a friend to help you out.

Depending on how the lashes are placed, as well as their quality, they can last for a couple of days, to multiple months, if not a year. Another factor that determinates their duration is how you take care of them, it is usually best to make appointments with a professional to correct the lashes.


Eyelash extensions make a huge difference

Be aware of certain risks

While it is extremely rare, it is important that you are not allergic to any materials used during the procedure, as allergic reactions can sometimes show overnight while you are sleeping, and that can lead to serious health issues. Test your skin if you are going to have any reaction to the glue used, as glue is usually the biggest cause of unwanted reactions.

The pros

Well, the most obvious pro when it comes to eyelashes is that they look absolutely fantastic. They will get everyone’s attention, and with that, they are also immediately gratifying once they are applied. The biggest pro for a lot of people is that they are a huge time saver when it comes to applying makeup, and depending on the quality of the lashes and their placement, they can last for months.

The cons

While not really a con for most people, in some cases, they can be out of the budget, as they can be expensive if you are getting a high-quality procedure. They also require maintenance, which is something that turns off a lot of people, as you will not be able to use certain makeup products that can potentially ruin them.

Your eyes will look glamorous with eyelash extensions

Final word

All in all, if you have the desire to get eyelash extensions because you believe they will make you look better, you should definitely go through with the idea. If there is something that will make you happy, you should never give up on that idea.

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