In 2019 a report was released by Statista on the market share gained by protein supplements in Australia. The study revealed that more than 66% of the Australian respondents’ last purchase was powdered protein supplements. A measly 10% of the respondent population told that they purchased ready-to-drink protein supplements instead.

The significance and high demand for protein powder were even bolstered by the fact that the keyword “protein powder Australia” is one of the most searched keywords. All these speak volumes about the popularity of protein powder as a nutritional supplement.

As you might already know, protein is a vital macronutrient that aids in making hormones and enzymes, repairing tissues, and building muscles. People who want to lose weight and tone their muscles also use this product.

Protein Powder and Its Health Benefits

Protein builds your skin, muscles, and bones. The body can produce enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals with the help of protein. Aside from these, here are the other health benefits you can enjoy from protein powders.

Weight management

If you increase your intake of food rich in protein, and you complement it by taking supplements, you can feel fuller for a long time. In that case, you end up eating smaller portions of food and crave for snacks less frequently. These can help a person lose weight or maintain their current healthy weight.

In a study conducted by David Baer that was published in The Journal of Nutrition, it was revealed that protein drinks could reduce body fat and weight. The said study chose obese or overweight adults as their respondents. All of them consumed protein drinks without altering their usual diet. The study surprisingly showed the respondents fairing better compared to participants who only consumed extra carbs.

Muscle growth

Protein consumption is essential when you are growing your muscles. Gym enthusiasts and athletes ingest protein shakes because these can help bulk up their bodies after strength training.

Of course, there have been countless research studies supporting the fact that protein supplements can improve muscle strength and size among adults who engage in resistance training. However, there are fewer studies that support muscle gain among untrained individuals. If you search online for “protein powder Australia”, it is rare to see studies where protein supplements were used by untrained people to build muscles.

But this was challenged in a study by Dr Pasiakos.

In the said study, they revealed that protein supplementation could promote muscle hypertrophy and muscle gain in trained and untrained individuals. So, it does not matter if you have been doing exercise training and weight lifting, taking protein can help you gain those muscles you have been dying to flaunt.

Aid in Recovery After Exercising

Aside from helping you grow your muscles, protein can also aid in repairing damaged tissues and strained muscles. These cases are prevalent among athletes. Because of rigorous training, they sometimes overexert their muscles. To hasten their recovery from exercise-related muscle soreness, athletes can use protein powder. Through muscle protein synthesis, the body acts with protein to improve muscle performance and reduce damage.

Now that you know relevant bits and pieces of information about powder protein, you are more than ready to purchase and enjoy its benefits.

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