Your physician or Spine surgeon would recommend a Spine Surgery after all other treatment alternatives have not responded  and you still continue to have a pain. But before you go under the knife, it is good to understand all the possible implications and how to best address the same with your physician.

You must also understand that if you ask these questions then you are not questioning the physician’s expertise. The surgeons would appreciate the patients to be fully aware of the procedure and knowledgeable about the procedure they’ve recommended. This also helps them in setting the expectation for the patient from the procedure. Being comfortable with the procedure, the hospital and the surgeon’s expertise ensures that the procedure would be beneficial.

spine surgery


Do I Need this Spine Surgery?

This is very essential to understand what exactly spine surgery will treat and how will it affect the current condition and if it will be able to permanently relieve your pain or to help you regain your range of motion. Your surgeon should be able to answer these questions at length to clarify all your doubts. You can also discuss other treatments or alternatives to Spine surgery.

Know about the Procedure!

Know at length the details of the procedure and how will he address the issues that trouble you. This is helpful for you to understand how it works to ease your pain or repair your spine. Spending time with your surgeon discussing about your procedure would help you gain confidence in his skills and help him understand you as well.

What are the Risks?
Knowing your risks is essential to understand how you can mitigate them and be in better position to undergo the surgery. Knowing about surgeries that may be minimally invasive reduces the risks. It is good to know these risks in advance since they will impact your recovery.

Know thy Hospital?
A good surgeon and a good operation theatre are equally important for ensuring a successful spine surgery, and quick recovery. Knowing specifics about the hospitals and how well equipped it is to carry out these specialised surgeries is an essential step.

Know about your Recovery?
Post-surgery rehabilitation and recovery are good to know beforehand, since you might need to make advance preparations based on the same. Finding out how long your recovery will take, and whether it can be done at home or hospital stay is a must should be known to you prior to the surgery.

Always talk to your doctors and inform them about all your doubts and fears. A good conversation will help both you and your doctor to confirm a good outcome. However , it’s important to TRUST YOUR  SPINE DOCTOR.

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