Meet R. K. George, a 53-year-old gentleman, from Cochin Kerala. George has previously worked as the General Manager for a brand. It all started when George started experiencing back pain, swelling in both legs as well as fatigue. His blood report showed lymphocytes count to about 67 % and low number of neutrophils & platelets. R. K. George also tells us that it was difficult to find a good doctor to rely on in Cochin as experienced hematologists are rare.

After his primary diagnosis, George opted for Christian Medical College Vellore, in Tamil Nadu. They repeated the tests to ensure that it was the right diagnosis. After a certain – BRAF mutation test, George was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia”.

Much to our surprise, Hairy cell leukemia is a rather uncommon cancer, making up approximately 2% of all leukemias. The cause for this type of cancer is unknown and the diagnosis may be suggested by abnormal blood count results (as in the case of R.K. George). 

His treatment included a full course of chemotherapy, using Cladribine (2-CdA) 24 hours x 7 days. George shares with Credihealth that the medical team was excellent and made him feel comfortable and by the 5th infusion George luckily had no fever or any feeling of nausea. But he wasn’t so lucky throughout, in his 6th and 7th infusions, he had high fever and vomiting.
George tells Credihealth –

By Lord’s grace, I came out of the chemo without much problems. And got discharged on the 23rd day (from being diagnosed).

When asked if he found a support group around his location, he tells us that apart from his family and few intimate friends and of course, his medical team, he had a circle of people who kept him in their prayers. When George first came to know about the disease, he was shocked but realized he had no option but to accept his situation. He did, however, struggle with finance due to his health insurance company backing out to help him at his time of need.

George, a cancer survivor, wants to tell the Credihealth audience not to panic in case of a serious diagnosis such as cancer. He reminds us that despite how society has made it look, Cancer is mostly curable and treatable. He especially emphasizes on the connection of early recovery to one’s state of mind.

Be bold. If you come across a massive heart attack or a major stroke, you may not even get time for a treatment. So enjoy today. Hope for tomorrow and believe me we are blessed to overcome it. Lord is there. It is his will, not our wishes, which happens.

Thank you, George, for sharing your story.

We wish people learn to go for regular health checkups and understand the significance of the right doctor’s diagnosis.

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