Our generation has grown up with the “Hamare zamane mein” narratives recited by our parents and grandparents. There are numerous anecdotes, both online and offline, that entail how our elders have been impacting our lives in a great way. Not only are they utterly lovable but they are also our link with the history and experiences.

But, the biggest concern that is accompanied with age is that of health. As one grows old, a wide spectrum of ailments attaches to the way of living. Be it joint pain, indigestion, concentration and memory problems or more, the elderly are the ones who require compassionate care with a need for urgency.

September is Healthy Aging Month. And we are celebrating the well-being of elders by outlining a brief background of how Reliance Hospital Navi Mumbai came to being.

There is an extraordinary link between geriatric care and Reliance Hospital Mumbai. Let’s explore more about both the notions below:

The Saga of Reliance Hospital Navi Mumbai

Led by astute management, the hospital is a result of the all-embracing concern for the health of the elderly. The chairperson, Mrs. Tina Ambani, had been working in the field of societal health and quality of life of elders. Her initiative titled “Silvers for Harmony Foundation” allowed her to overview the conditions of those in old age.

The non-government organization made her aware of the gaps in the Indian healthcare arena. The outcomes of this realization were the setting up of hospitals – Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Reliance Hospital Navi Mumbai.

Why Choose Reliance Hospital For the Best Geriatric Care?

Reliance Hospital Navi Mumbai is supported by the best technology in the industry. The hospital has advanced medical systems and tools that are put into use by a team of highly trained staff.

The medical and paramedical staff have a humanitarian approach towards the treatment of all patients, especially the elderly. The diverse specialty departments are functional round-the-clock to offer paramount care. Additionally, various health checkups are provided by the hospital to access the health of elders.

Tips for Healthy Aging

Now that you know where to go for better health, we would also like to tell you what to do for it. Growing old can be overwhelming. But the weight of responsibilities and self-care can be managed with some alterations to lifestyle. Here are top health tips you can practice to have a grand time while aging:

Exercise regularly- The type and period for physical activity can be variable. The point is to get moving. You can do whatever exercise suits you and the one you enjoy. The choices include yoga, jogging, mind exercises and more.

Eat properly- The need for a balanced diet cannot be overlooked during old age. Ensure that you are eating all nutrients in the right amount. You can add food products with high-fiber to your diet.

Socialize- Catching up with friends and family can be slightly exhausting but it is an important step towards your overall well-being, especially emotional and mental. You can join clubs in your neighborhood or invite your friends to meet you once in a while.

Get a good night’s sleep- To have a fruitful day, you must rest throughout the night. If you have any difficulties in falling or staying asleep, you can contact a specialist. You can also listen to some music before going to bed to sleep calmly.

Stay organized- Staying organized materialistically will keep you occupied. It will also make you feel empowered and balanced in your routines and daily activities.


Old age, if partnered with good healthcare, can make you feel a lot younger. You can cherish your health and life by following the above practices. Celebrate this Healthy Aging Month with your elders by informing them of these health tips.

As you turn over a new life, make sure that you make frequent visits to your primary healthcare provider. Reliance Hospital Navi Mumbai is your one-stop destination for all kinds of concerns about geriatric care.

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Reliance Hospital Navi Mumbai is a multispeciality hospital with a capacity of 300 bed. It is a multispecialty centre that offers 38 speciality department under one roof. This hospital aims to provide the best health and hope for the community.

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