Secure Senior Citizens with Suitable Health Insurance Plans

The importance of health insurance has increased more than ever. A senior citizens health insurance policy is a no bargainer in the current...

Secure Senior Citizens with Suitable Health Insurance Plans
Secure Senior Citizens with Suitable Health Insurance Plans
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The Covid 19 pandemic has severely affected the elder people in India. The numbers have been astonishing and deeply saddening for the entire country. It is also suggested by the experts that the Covid 19 virus is here to stay for a long time and its effects will be continuingly seen for times to come. In a world where the future seems dark and gloomy, it comes as a crucial responsibility to safeguard the health of our senior members in the family. The importance of health insurance has increased more than ever. A senior citizen health insurance policy is a no-bargainer in the current scenario. And If you have medical insurance for senior citizens by your side, then it would help you get the coverage for their treatment, hospitalization, and other critical medical expenses when illness knocks at the door.Health insurance for senior citizens is the one suitable precisely to their needs. Senior citizen mediclaim policy covers all ages from 60 to 80. The most notable advantage of Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans is the provision of coverage for late entrants in the category of health insurance as well as other benefits such as a low co-pay clause, a short waiting period and large coverage. These services are not part of most health plans.Before finalizing on a senior citizen mediclaim policy, the following aspects must be looked upon in order to make the right choice:
  • No waiting period:Sometimes for health insurance senior citizens might have to adjust with a waiting period in case they are managing a pre-existing illness. The coverage for the insurance plan begins with the completion of a waiting period. It is smart to choose a health insurance plan with the shortest waiting period.
  • Free medical check-ups:A senior citizen health policy with complimentary health checkups is a big plus. In old age, regular medical check-ups are necessary and often expensive. 
  •  Less co-payment:A copayment is the amount to be paid by the insured at the time of the claim. Because having a regular fixed income in old age is not assured, a health care plan for older persons must ask for a reduced co-payment to make the insurance easier to administer. With a senior citizen insurance plan, the period of premium payment is shorter and the minimum coverage is larger.
  •  Age:A senior citizen might be going through critical old age ailments at the time of acquiring insurance. The premium of the health insurance coverage takes into account age, existing medical illnesses, medical assistance requirements and other conditions. Hence, choosing the plan with the lowest premium, providing maximum benefits must be chosen. 
  •  Medical history:Though old age comes with its own triumphs, in cases where the ailments are higher in number and the person is battling more medical conditions, the premium amount may rise. 
  • Geographical location:The costs and the numerous associated expenses of medical treatment vary based on where you live. People living in a metropolitan city need more coverage than people residing in Tier I, Tiers II or Tiers III.
Now that we have covered the important parameters to consider before buying insurance, listed below are some of the best mediclaim insurance for senior citizens in India:

Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Plan

This is a comprehensive senior citizen mediclaim policy designed to cover all requirements of a senior citizen looking for insurance, The plan offers a cumulative bonus of 10% of the insured money per year without a claim. Furthermore, if two or more family members get coverage, a family discount of 5 per cent is offered. This plan has an entry age of 46 to 70 years, covering up to Rs 5 lakh.

Aditya Birla Active Care

A carefully designed senior citizen health insurance plan, it offers a Healthy Returns program, where one can earn up to 21 per cent of the premium along with health care check-ups and coaching sessions by a personal health coach. The plan is available in three varieties - Standard, Classic and Premier. The age of admission for this plan is 55 years with a maximum of Rs 25 lakh coverage.

Care Senior Health Insurance Plan

Care Senior Health Insurance Plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan that helps protect people from costly medical expenditures in their later years. Under this plan cashless hospitalization is offered in more than 15,500 network hospitals. The plan includes a number of add-ons, including a co-payment waiver and a no-super-claim bonus, among others. This plan permits those over the age of 61 to live on a maximum of Rs 10 lakh in coverage. exemption from co-payment and a no claim bonus, among other advantages. 

Tata AIG MediSenior

Tata AIG MediSenior is focused on the needs of people over 60 years of age. It contains advantages such as family discounts and home care. This plan provides insurance coverage of Rs 50 lakh.We have looked at various health insurance plansand there is no doubt that the importance of health insurance cannot be denied. If you want to save your time and make the process of buying much smoother, you can go for online senior citizen health insurance.Also read: 4 Insurance Policies that Will Help You Save on Taxes
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