For those tired of hitting the gym every day and going through a strenuous exercise regimen using those machines, there’s an alternative – get busy in bed! Yes, sex can be a form of exercise that is not only fun but also a great workout. Like any exercise, consistency is the key in maximizing benefits.

So, can sex replace an intense session on the treadmill or swimming laps? Probably not, but it surely adds towards the overall calorie burn. Let’s find out how much energy does a sexual activity expend and how to maximise the calorie burn.

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An average couple burns between 85 to 100 calories with 30 minutes of sex, says Couples with a highly active sex life would be towards the higher end of that data.[/box]

What’s the calorie-burning scale for sex?

A study published in October 2013 by researchers at University of Quebec, Canada, showed the mean energy expenditure from sexual activity (once a week) of 20 couples aged between 18 and 35, over a period of one month. Their results showed that “men burnt 101 kcal or 4.2 kcal per minute and women burnt 69 kcal or 3.1 kcal per minute”, indicating that men burn more calories during sexual activity than women.

When compared to other forms of exercise like running or jogging, the study participants found sex to be a more enjoyable way of burning calories as compared to a 30-minute treadmill session.

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Get the most out of Sexercise!

Sex may not be the most vigorous form of exercise possible but it definitely beats some other mild to medium intensity workouts like walking. Here are some ways to increase the calorie burn through sexual activity and improve overall health:

  • Catch some action in the morning – Testosterone levels are at their peak between 7 am and 8 am in the morning. Further, sex before rolling out of the bed can provide the necessary warm up one would need to do before the morning workout. Already warmed up from some action, it is easy to get started with the regular exercise.
  • Add some yoga – Yoga is a great form of exercise that burns 100-300 calories in half hour and also adds flexibility to the body. Incorporating some yoga poses during sex can heighten the calorie and stretching benefits.
  • Eat rightCertain foods are known to boost sexual desire and stamina. These include chocolate, figs, blueberries, etc.
  • Work the core – The core muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor must be engaged during sexual activity to derive the maximum benefits.
  • Experiment with poses – Like any workout where mixing up exercises gives the body a chance to work new groups of muscles and gaining more calorie-burning benefits, sex can also be made challenging and adventurous by mixing up positions.

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