7 Signs Your Blood Sugar is Out of Control

Whether sugar level is above or below the threshold, it is not a good news. Read about signs that show your blood sugar is out of control.

7 Signs Your Blood Sugar is Out of Control
7 Signs Your Blood Sugar is Out of Control
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Pancreas in the human body is responsible for releasing insulin in the body after any intake of food to keep the sugar level under control. There is an optimum level of blood sugar above or below which, it starts to be harmful.  This can happen when the hormones fail to perform effectively or there is a long gap between the meals. Adrenal glands release adrenalin and cortisol in the body to rectify such condition and keep the sugar level in check. Whether sugar level is above or below the required threshold, it is not a good news. Here are signs that show your blood sugar is out of control:

Increase in Appetite whereas Loss in Weight

There is an increased crave to eat most of the times but despite that, due to increased sugar levels, the body is not able to get energy from glucose. As a result, the muscles and fat releases required energy in the body for its proper functioning. This breakdown of the fat can result in severe weight loss and unwanted fatigue in a human body.

Excessive Urination & Feeling Dehydrated

When there is a suddenly increased intake of water resulting in excessive urine, but still leaves a person thirsty, it is called polyuria. Kidneys struggle to pump out the excess glucose from the blood, and this is secreted in the form of urine.

Tiredness throughout the day

Extreme fatigue resulting even from a small physical activity is another common symptom of imbalanced sugar content in the blood.  Due to an increased level of sugar in the blood, there is a deficiency of energy produced which causes this tiredness in the body.

Numbness in the Body

According to medical research, rise in the sugar content in blood can cause numbness in some body parts especially in hands and feet. In some worst cases, this can damage nerves (situation called as neuropathy) and is extremely common among those suffering from long term diabetes.

Blurred vision

High blood sugar can disfigure the lens of an eye causing blurred vision. Regular headaches, improper vision and frequent mood swings can happen as a consequence of this.

Slow Healing of Wounds

Those suffering from diabetes notice that their injuries or cuts heal at a relatively slower pace. The reason is higher sugar level adversely affects nerves and consequently blood circulation in the body. This is a major hindrance to the recovery of any wound etc. and thus takes longer to heal. In the worst scenario, a serious condition may prevail causing amputation of that affected part.

Skin Infection

One of the major indicators of high blood sugar in a human body is noticeable abnormalities of the skin. These can be in the form of change in the color, infections or some visible sores on some parts of the body. The parts which are most prone to such changes include hands, face, back of the neck or armpits. The above stated symptoms when felt should be immediately discussed with a doctor to avoid a serious health condition. Check out list of Foods to Control Blood Sugar

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