Age definitely has a huge effect on our eyes just like it does on other parts of our body like joints and wrists. When we reach the 40s, eyes internal lenses become fewer flexible.

So if you feel like you are playing a lottery when reading a text, then you should ask yourself do I need glasses test. If you need time to find an ideal distance until the words show up into focus, then it might be the right time for visiting local opticians.

5 Signs You Need Glasses For Reading

  1. You are having troubles with light when reading

If you are struggling with light when reading, no matter how many fixtures and desk lamps are on, you may need to visit local opticians and see if you need reading glasses. According to several studies, people at the age of 60 needs plenty of light when reading.

  1. You are stepping into the fifth decade of life

Although people’s sight change at a different rate, the vast majority of them experience presbyopia in their fifth decade.

This is an eye condition that makes your eyes straining when focusing on close objects. This has nothing with farsightedness, another condition in which you can easily see far objects crystal clear, but those around you may be blurry. All in all, presbyopia develops during ageing.

  1. Your eyes get easily tired when working or reading at the computer

If sometimes you feel your eyelash are tired and heavy when staring at screen or reading, then you need to visit your local opticians. In a previously mentioned condition, eyes are putting more effort and working harder, which is harmful to them. 

To put it simply, they are straining way more than they should. One of the temporary solutions is to start blinking more often, adjust the screen to reduce its glare, and take far more breaks. But the permanent yet affordable solution would be to get your first pair of glasses.

  1. You are experiencing often headaches

A consistent strain of your eyes to do work, read, and so on could give your from time to time headache A headache you feel right behind the eyes is an indicator of hyperopia.

  1. Sometimes you see halos

When the eye lens struggle to focus light into a routine, our vision becomes blurry. That’s why we sometimes see glowing circles around car headlights or lightbulbs. Glasses are an ideal solution to this problem.


After all, if you hold a book and any other reading material up close, and yet they look blurry, then definitely something is wrong with your eyes as you need to hold them farther away in order to read them. If that’s the case, visit your local opticians as soon as possible.

At every single doctor visit, they will perform a test for your vision. So If you are in the 40s and you can’t remember the last time you have visited your eye doctor, then it is high time to schedule an appointment.

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