Sleep Apnea: Basic Facts You Should Know

Sleep Apnea is a condition where the upper airway of the nose collapses leading to periodical pauses in the flow of breathing.

Sleep Apnea: Basic Facts You Should Know
Sleep Apnea: Basic Facts You Should Know
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Sleep Apnea (OSA), is a medical condition where the upper airway of the nose collapses, when sleeping, leading to periodical pauses in the flow of breathing. If ignored, you could land serious health problems and a demoted quality of life. When you find yourself continuously tossing and turning on the bed with breaks in you sleep day after day, it may not just be a bad night. Since a common symptom of sleep apnea is snoring loudly, it's often perceived as a disease that can affect obese men only. While there is some amount to truth in it, it cannot be assumed to be a fact.

Discussed here are a few fact underlined by trusted pulmonologists of Mumbai, that will help you understand the condition better:
  1. The notion, that overweight men are prone to apnea, is a stereotyped conception. While obese men stand a higher risk of landing this condition, it's observed that women too are affected once they enter their menopause age.
  2. It's mostly ignored because of the broad symptoms like fatigue, depression, dry mouth, concentration and even gastric problems. At times doctors when treating their patients for the above problems, discover that the underlying problem is apnea, when the patient does not react to the prescribed medicines.
  3. This medical condition can lead to serious medical conditions, if ignored such as stroke, diabetes and heart attacks.
  4. Most stay unaware of its existence. Doctors say that about 80% of apnea cases go unawares, where 24% of men and 9% of women get affected from it.
  5. It's necessary to get it treated at the earliest. Weight loss may help but other measures like avoiding alcohol and sedatives coupled with a change in sleep habits, work way better. However if these remedies don't pay off, you will be prescribed Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy.

Depending on the intensity of the condition, treatments will be prescribed. While for some losing weight, performing a few exercises regularly combined with pills may work, others may be required to undergo CPAP therapy. However, it takes some time for the body to regain its original state and overcome the condition completely, so patience is required to be maintained; but once treated the improvement of your health and well-being will be quite evident to you!

Are you suffering from sleep apnea or suspect you do?

Have you got it diagnosed yet?

What are the sleep disorders that you are witnessing currently?

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