Smile makeover is not a process that you need to perform; rather it is one that you choose to perform.

What is Smile Makeover ?

Smile makeover or smile enhancement is a procedure that improves the appearance of one’s smile to a considerable extent through a number of processes related to cosmetic dentistry. Some of them include composite bonding, tooth implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening etc.

Factors affecting smile makeover?

Given below are the factors that may affect your smile makeover enhancement procedure.

  • Shape of your face
  • Your skin tone
  • Colour of your hair
  • Teeth (display, colour, shape, length and width)
  • Lips
  • Tissues of your gums

The reason of undergoing smile enhancement may vary from one individual to another. The dentist will review some aspects of your smile on the basis of which your smile makeover will be planned.

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Factors Affecting Your Smile & Treatment Modalities Available

1. Crooked teeth

Solution: Align teeth

Many people have crooked teeth that overlap with each other or have gaps in between. Such teeth not only affect the appearance of your smile but also have an effect on your dental health. Through orthodontics (the branch of dentistry that exclusively deals with tooth irregularity or uneven jaw relationships) the crooked teeth can be straightened and aligned.

2. Discoloured teeth

Solution: Teeth whitening/ bleaching

Teeth colour is another very important facet of one’s smile. There are a number of teeth whitening methods that can improve the colour of discoloured or stained teeth. Dark discoloured teeth essential project an aged mouth.

A smile with white and bright teeth is a sign of youthful looks.

Selecting the perfect shade for your teeth colour is not an easy task and it is to be done under careful evaluation of your dentist. The shade of your teeth colour has to be in accordance with your skin tone and hair colour. An experienced cosmetic dentist is skilled at providing you with a perfect combination of a whiter and brighter smile and a natural tooth colour.

3. Dental restoration

Dental restoration mainly focuses on restoring the morphology of defective tooth structure. The structure of teeth mainly gets affected by caries (decay caused by bacteria) or external trauma. Besides, it also takes into account the root canal filling, which is a technique of filling up that particular area of the teeth where the dental pulp is located.

4. Composite fillings

Tooth coloured composite fillings are better than silver amalgam as the latter leave dark spots on the surface of the teeth, which might be noticed by others. Tooth coloured composite fillings are placed on the cavity after cleaning the teeth thoroughly and the entire procedure takes just one appointment.

5. Crowns

Generally porcelain crowns are used as porcelain is strong and looks just like tooth enamel. The crown looks and functions completely like a real tooth and has crevices as well as a chewing surface.

Crowns are used in case of more critical conditions:

  • When the teeth are broken
  • Decay that has caused damage to almost 50% of the teeth
  • When large fillings are required to be replaced
  • For post root canal protection

6. Veneer

Veneer is a thin layer that is placed over a tooth to enhance its aesthetics and protect it from damage.

In order to retain the results of smile makeover, one should maintain oral hygiene on a regular basis and visit a dentist at least once in every three months.

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