Why Do Women Get Facial Hair?

Not many beauty problems are as embarrassing for women as hair on the face. Laser treatment, threading, waxing and plucking are all ways of tackling this.

Why Do Women Get Facial Hair?
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It doesn't get worse than this. Whether your concern is a patch of thick black hair or bleached peach fuzzy hair, none of them are less embarrassing than the other. Thankfully, in the recent years, getting rid of unwanted facial hair has become extremely easy. 

Why do women get facial hair?

Some women have a genetic tendency towards hair growth. Yup, that's a fact.

There are a few medical conditions that result in excessive facial hair growth. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, some form of tumours, hormonal imbalance, liver diseases, etc., also cause hair growth in excess. Besides these medical conditions, certain medications can also act like a trigger for excessive facial hair growth. Hormonal changes that occur in women during/after pregnancy and menopause also act as major triggers.

Ways to get rid of the horror! 

Laser treatments that help you get rid of unwanted hair permanently have been quite in vogue in the recent past.

But how permanent is permanent?

There are more reliable but temporary alternative methods like threading, waxing and plucking that have been successful in atleast giving us some temporary relief.

Depilatories, commonly known as hair-removal creams, are a good option too. Although, the outcome after using a hair-removal cream is just a little better than shaving and the skin remains hairless -for not more than a couple of days. Such creams notoriously contain harsh chemicals which may burn sensitive skin. That is why, it is advisable to take a patch test before using the cream on a larger surface area, like your arm.

What to do and what not to do

Shaving - Unless you are extremely desperate to get rid of the hair in little time, it is not advisable for women to use a razor on the face. Shaving results in hair growth that is thick and blunt. Besides, shaving is an extremely short-term solution and lasts only for a couple of hours before the hair follicles begin to make an appearance again.

Threading - This is the oldest and the easiest way to get rid of facial hair. A common means for eyebrow shaping, this method helps you get rid of facial hair for six weeks or more according to individual hair growth rate. It is an inexpensive method that is quick and devoid of any chemicals. This makes the method safe and trustworthy.

According to the severity of the condition and the type of each individual's hair, one or more of the above methods may be apt for you. It is advisable to take the opinion of a beautician or a doctor before adopting a particular method.