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What Triggers A Migraine Attack?

Only those who have ever suffered a migraine attack can relate to the extreme pain it causes. For all others, it is a mysterious headache that put the victim out of action for sometimes days at the end. The fact that the exact cause of a migraine is not yet determined makes the proverb ‘prevention is better than cure’ as the best-placed bet for dealing with migraine attacks. However, there are a number of common migraine triggers that can be isolated for better cure and treatment.

A migraine is characterized by a pulsating or throbbing pain in one side or a whole of the brain. It can occur for few hours or may continue for days together. Experts believe that almost 20% people are susceptible to migraines. This is attributed to their hereditary or genetic makeup which is characterized by a hyperactive brain that puts them at risk. As soon as this hyperactive brain comes in contact with particular unique conditions it activates the migraine pain. These migraine triggers produce no effect in normal individuals.

Common Migraine Triggers

Here is a list of common migraine triggers that are experienced by a large number of migraine headache patients. The list is not exhaustive but indicative. More often than not, the below-mentioned migraine triggers differ from one person to another.

  1. Weather conditions like  high humidity, low pressure and high temperature
  2. Improper sleep both under or oversleeping
  3. Caffeine addiction
  4. Fasting, crash diets, not eating breakfast or starving for longer duration
  5. Fermented foods like soy sauce, cheese, pickles, citrus fruits and vinegar
  6. Alcohol and smoking
  7. Strong perfumes
  8. Flickering or bright lights
  9. Foods with monosodium glutamate (MSG) like Chinese cuisines
  10. Menopause or menstruation which brings a change in hormonal levels
  11. Birth control pills and other hormonal medications
  12. Gluten intolerance
  13. Excessive consumption of refines carbohydrates like white sugar, pasta, bread, etc.
  14. Longer exposure to sunlight
  15. Paints, dust, pollens and flowers
  16. Stress (both emotional or physical)
  17. Anxiety

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Even for the same person the migraine triggers could be more than one and vary from time to time. Maintain a migraine diary to track patterns. Keep a log of what you eat/drink, when did you sleep, went out etc. to find out what are you sensitive to. The best coping mechanism is to learn how to deal with your triggers. For example, if you have to go out in sun, drink plenty of fluids to dodge the migraine attack. Following a healthy routine goes without saying!

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