Fitness tracking gadgets are getting popular and are a growing business, and according to research firm IDC (International Data Corporation), more than 100 million fitness devices that fit on your wrist like a watch will be sold across the globe by 2019.

But, do you know that this magical number was a part of a marketing campaign and it’s not backed by real science.

Yama Toki, a Japanese company, started the craze in 1965 with the launch of a pedometer called Manpo-Kei, which translates to the “10,000 steps meter.” The 10,000 steps fitness routine is basically an unofficial standard for ensuring good health and fitness.

The truth is, there is no harm in encouraging people to walk 10,000 steps. In fact, 10K is a nice, even number which roughly translates to 8 kilometers.

But, is the number right for you?

The thing is, every human body is different in shape, size and it functions differently. Hence, the result of exercising is going to variate from person to person. It will affect every other person distinctively.

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To stay fit, one is expected to stay physically active or exercise moderately for at least 150 minutes a week. Starting with small exercises will help you build up your stamina. Exercises like walking are low-impact and can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other cardiovascular-related illnesses.

Here are some mini fitness goals you can set for yourself:

  • Decide to walk instead of driving short distances.
  • Use stairs, instead of elevators.
  • Go for small walks during office breaks.
  • Find a walking buddy to help you stay on track.

Also, a pleasant side effect of these exercises is weight loss. In India, 21% of women aged 15 – 49 are overweight. To keep away from being a part of that statistic it has now become very important to burn more calories than you consume.

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So, what are you waiting for? Get up off the couch and pick up your walking/running shoes!

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