In this day and age with the onset of technology, our eyes are used to facing excessive workload.  From working on the screens to surfing on smartphones, our eyes are put into use strenuously. Besides, it is common for our eyesight to deteriorate as we age. It is thus imperative that we take care of our eyes and keep them in good shape.

Although eating foods rich in vitamins and wearing protective eyeglasses before screens help, it may not be enough. To ensure optimum protection and good health of our eyes, it is equally important you consume nourishing herbs.

This article intends to provide you with a list of some delicious herbs for eye health that help promote our eyes’ health efficaciously.

5 Super Herbs for Eye Health

There are top 5 super herbs for healthy eyes below:

1. Eyebright

As the name suggests, eyebright is a herb that can prove to be useful in the improvement of eye health.  A study has found out that it can treat the problem of conjunctivitis, also called the pink eye. An eye infection, called blepharitis, involves the eyelids getting inflamed.


The eyebright can aid significant reduction in the inflammation and cure the infection effectively. Hence, whenever your eyes feel itchy or irritated, you can bring this herb into use for an effective cure of the problem.  Eyebright can be applied directly to the eyes in the form of lotion for achieving the desired results.

2. Ginkgo Biloba

This herb has been in use for centuries across the world. Not only is it useful in dealing with problems related to the central nervous system but also eye problems.

ginkgo biloba

Its properties are such that it can also be called a selective vascular dilator. Due to this, it is known to increase the circulation of blood and guide the flow of blood to the back of the eyes. People suffering from diseases like Glaucoma and macular degeneration can thus get cured by the help of this herb.  

A research conducted on a set of Glaucoma patients also revealed that gingko is associated with an improved and sharper vision.  Hence, imbibe the gingko biloba herb in your diet to ensure the well-being of your eyes.

3. Milk Thistle

It is often said that the health of our eyes is indicative of how well our liver is functioning. According to research, blurry eyesight can be a result of the liver not functioning smoothly. The herb of milk thistle can thus prove to be beneficial.

MIlk Thistle

It consists of an ingredient called silymarin, which is known to promote the health of the liver. Since liver stores fat-soluble vitamins and glutathione, it can be helpful in repairing your eyes. Besides, milk thistle can also help us inhibit the production of a compound called reductase.  This compound is responsible for the deposit of sugar in the eyes of those suffering from diabetes.

4. Turmeric

Not only is turmeric a source of antioxidants but it is also healthy for the eyes. The consumption of turmeric works in such a way that reduces the presence of oxidation in the lens of the eyes. This enables the body to maintain sharp and accurate eyesight.


Another reason why turmeric is a boon for the eyes is that it contains an ingredient called curcumin. A study has found out that this compound can help relieve the dry eye syndrome effectively.

Besides, it can also aid you to prevent the onset of retinal degeneration. Another benefit that arises out of turmeric is its property to cure a sore throat. This keeps the pharynx located behind the nasal cavity well-functioning as well. Hence, inculcate turmeric in your daily diet in order to maintain the health of your eyes.

 5. Bilberries

Bilberry is a herb that is used to make a number of medicines. One of the highly acclaimed benefits of bilberry includes the improvement of the eyesight.  Using it can treat eye conditions such as cataracts and retinal disorders. According to a study, it contains a high amount of a chemical called anthocyanoside.  Also, this chemical is associated with the improvement of eyesight in the patients of diabetes and high blood pressure.


Apart from these, Bilberries can prove to be handy in the treatment of ailments like glaucoma and eye strain. It is thus a must for those who intend to protect their eyes and ensure a good blood flow in the eyes. Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that need utmost care. Hence, ensure their health by inculcating these herbs in your diet comprehensively.

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