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39th week of pregnancy, 39 weeks pregnant, 39 weeks pregnant symptoms, baby at 39 weeks

39th Week of Pregnancy: One Week To Go

Are you ready to meet your pumpkin size baby? Of course, you have been waiting for this moment for the last eight months. It’s finally your second last, 39th week …

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28th week of pregnancy, 28 weeks pregnant, 28 weeks pregnant symptoms,

28th Week Of Pregnancy: Baby is Growing Frequently

Welcome to the 28th week of pregnancy. Now your pregnancy is more visible and clear. Not only you, but the people around you can notice the changes in your body. …

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27th week of pregnancy, 27 week pregnant, baby growth in 27th week of pregnancy, 27 weeks pregnant mothercare

27th Week of Pregnancy: Grown To The Size Of Cauliflower

Finally, the second trimester is over. It’s the 27th week of pregnancy. After a few months, your newborn will be in your arms. Just imagine, the one you have been …

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26th week of pregnancy, baby weight in 26th week of pregnancy, baby movements in 26th week of pregnancy

26th Week of Pregnancy: You Are Not Alone

Congratulations! It’s 26th week of pregnancy. The last week of the second trimester. Feels great, right? Of course, you have completed the most difficult time of pregnancy. The baby’s movement …

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22nd week of pregnancy, body changes in the 22nd week of pregnancy

22nd Week Of Pregnancy: Meet Papaya Size Baby

Have you stepped into the 22nd Week of Pregnancy? Yes? Wonderful! The baby will start to weight more than the placenta. You will experience different body changes in the 22nd week of …

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7th week of pregnancy, 7 weeks pregnant, 7 weeks pregnant symptoms, 7 weeks pregnant scan

7th Week of Pregnancy: A Blueberry Baby

So much has been happening inside your belly and it is only the 7th week of pregnancy. All of this work is both exciting and exhausting. At 7 weeks pregnant, …

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5th week of pregnancy, 5 weeks pregnant, 5 weeks pregnant symptoms, 5 weeks pregnant baby size, 5 weeks pregnant belly

5th Week of Pregnancy: An Orange Seed Sized Baby!

Four weeks have passed and you are 1 month pregnant now. However, most women learn about it by the 5th week of pregnancy. The baby is already inside you and …

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4th Week of Pregnancy: Baby is the Size of a Poppy Seed

By the 4th week of pregnancy, you would have surely missed your period. This event would have made you want to take a home pregnancy test, which confirms a positive …

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