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Top 5 Throat Cancer Symptoms To Look Out For

To start with, Cancer is a group of diseases which involve abnormal cell growth and their malignant mutation. This abnormal growth can occur in any part of the body. The …

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blood cancer

Blood Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Types and Treatment

Blood cancer is a broader term related to cancers that directly attack the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system. There are three blood cancer types, namely, leukemia, which happens due …

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breast cancer symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms, Types and Risk Factors

Breast cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the breast tissue. It is the most common cancer among women all over the world, with an estimated 1.67 …

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colon cancer causes

Colon Cancer Causes and Symptoms

Colon cancer causes and forms when the uncontrolled cell growth happens in the cells of the large intestine which results in colon cancer causes. It is not necessarily the same …

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kidney cancer

Kidney Cancer: Signs and Symptoms

Human body has two bean-shaped kidneys, each being of a fist size. Their main job is to produce urine, remove waste products and clean the blood. Found in the lower …

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pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic Cancer – Causes & Symptoms

Causes Pancreatic cancer has a genetic predisposition. It is disease caused due to damage to the DNA, and occurs as a result of inheritance a faulty set of genes. The …

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prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Symptoms & Risk Factors

Generally, prostate cancer is not diagnosed till the later stages as the prostate cancer symptoms don’t surface early on. The signs vary from person to person as the cancer may …

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Credihealth_Cervical Cancer_Symptoms

Cervical Cancer: Symptoms and Risks

According to a top gynae oncologist in India who has provided cervical cancer treatment to over 10,000 women, Cervical Cancer occurs in the cells of the cervix which is the …

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Thyroid cancer month

Thyroid Cancer : Signs and Symptoms

Thyroid cancer is a disease that occurs when cancerous cells begin to grow in and around the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly and is located …

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Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung Cancer – Symptoms & Causes

Lung cancer, just like the name suggests, develops in the lungs, which are two spongy organs in a person’s chest. They take in oxygen you inhale and release carbon dioxide …

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Do Not Ignore these 7 Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung cancer is one cancer that does not have a high early diagnosis rate, causing many patients to suffer from its negative effects before they even realise they have it. …

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cancer symptoms

10 Most Overlooked Cancer Symptoms

Extensive studies have shown that cancer is second in the list of top fatal diseases while heart diseases top the list. With medical advancement and development of drugs, malignant tumours that …

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Don’t Ignore These 10 Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is not an easy disease to diagnose. At times, even trained doctors tend to miss the symptoms that are too subtle to be reflected in medical tests. However, if …

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Robotic Surgery

Esophageal Cancer: Signs, symptoms & more

Esophagus is a long hollow muscular tube that connects throat and stomach. It is an important part of human digestive system and plays a role in pushing the swallowed food …

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