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Universal Cancer Treatment

Breaking: Universal Cancer Treatment – Immune Cell That Kills Most Cancers Discovered by Accident

“If we can land a man on the moon, why can’t we cure cancer?” Well, not anymore. New universal cancer treatment may have paved the way for a one-size-fits-all therapy …

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radiation oncology

#MedantaSpecial: Radiation Therapy As a Cancer Treatment

The incidence of cancer in our country has been increasing with time. The Government of India has highlighted four cancers on preference, namely, Breast cancer, Cervical Cancer, Oral cancer and …

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DNA Sequencing For Cancer Treatment

3 Ways How DNA Sequencing Can Be Beneficial For Cancer Treatment

Cancer is caused by changes in the DNA – genetic material that controls the cell function. In most cases, cancer is the result of uncontrolled cell division due to abnormalities …

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Cancer treatment

What You Need to Know About Neuro Oncology Treatments & Specialists?

In cancer treatment, there are different wings and different types of cancer cells that can affect an individual. Out of the lot, the type that leads to brain tumours and …

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yuvraj singh cancer treatment story-1

Inspirational Story Of Yuvraj Singh’s Cancer Battle

Cancer, a word that brings dread and sorrow to not only the patient who gets diagnosed with the disorder but also the family. The ordeal one has to go through …

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Ovarian Cancer

Fertility Treatments and Ovarian Cancer Link

The link between the drugs and the treatments used to induce fertility and ovarian cancer is a complicated one. Although researchers have postulated the fact that if a woman is …

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Ovarian Cancer: Complications, Treatment and Support

Ovarian Cancer: Complications, Treatment & Support

Ovaries are the female reproductive organs situated on either side of the Uterus. Ovarian Cancer, as the name suggests, starts in the Ovaries. It is the fifth most common form …

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Things to Take Care Of while Undergoing Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy has been the cornerstone for addressing late stage cancers and might be the most effective treatment for cancer which has metastasized. But Chemotherapy sessions can be very exhaustive, both …

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Things To Know For Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

Advanced Prostate Cancer happens when the cancer has metastasized to other organs like bones and may be termed as metastatic or secondary prostate cancer. The current treatment options do not …

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Prostate Cancer

Know everything about Prostate Biopsy

The urologist usually recommends prostate biopsy if results from screening tests ch as a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test or DRE point towards the patient suffering from prostate cancer. The …

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Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

Women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer cells have hormone receptors that become activated when hormones bind to them. The activated receptors lead to specific changes in gene expression and may lead …

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Esophageal Cancer

Cervical Cancer Treatment Options

An essential part of cervical cancer treatment is finding out the stage of cancer. As with every other disease, cervical cancer also has early, medial and advanced stages. The treatment …

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Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Every cancer treatment is finally aimed at two objectives: to get rid of the tumor cells and to prevent remission. Breast cancer treatment options offered depends on many factors: the type …

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Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

Understanding & Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy is a medical procedure, commonly used for the treatment of cancer. Even though chemo destroys the rapidly dividing cancerous cells in the body and makes it healthy again, the journey …

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Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

Multiple Myeloma – Causes and Treatment

Multiple Myeloma is a kind of cancer caused by plasma. The Human body has white cells called plasma which produce antibodies that help us fight infections, but when these plasma …

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Radiation Therapy for children

What is Radiation Therapy? Radiation therapy is a procedure where high-energy radiation from X-rays or gamma rays is used to kill the cancer cells in a patient’s body and to …

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Chemotherapy in Children

Currently the numerous advances in the field of medicine have helped doctors to lessen and even prevent many side effects of cancer treatments. However, parents whose children require chemotherapy (which …

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Chemoport FAQs

What is Chemoport? A chemoport or chemotherapy port is a type of implant placed under the skin of the patients undergoing intravenous chemotherapy treatment. It is a small device that …

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Cancer Treatment Pain Management

Almost a third of cancer patients experience pain in different forms. They can vary in effect, duration and the affected organ. The causes, location and nature of the pain are …

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Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

Lung Cancer: 5 Basic Treatment Options

Fear is a common reaction among patients when handed a diagnosis of cancer in their lungs. “Is there a cure?” “What kind of treatment will allow me to have healthy …

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