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microwave and cancer, plastic containers and cancer

Microwaving Food In Plastic Containers Increase The Risk Of Cancer

We all know about the microwave oven. But, do you know microwaving food in plastic containers increases the risk of cancer? This post will clear all your doubts related to …

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foods not to put in fridge

8 Foods That You Should Not Put In Your Fridge

Did you ever have your veggies go bad even after you’d put them in the refrigerator? While you may have the right idea about keeping your vegetables in cold temperatures, …

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girls eating gain weight

10 Tips To Help Your Child Gain Weight

Most parents are worried about their child’s weight. A child who is thin in comparison to other children who are the same age – can send parents into a panic. …

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Healthy Lungs Food

5 Superfoods For Your Healthy Lungs

We are inhaling dangerous levels of pollution these days. While the Indian government and people, in general, roam around on the roads oblivious to the damage that is being done …

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tips to feed your picky eater

10 Tips To Feed Your Picky Eater

Are you the parent of a picky eater? Don’t worry. Don’t be sad. Don’t get depressed. As almost every child is a picky eater at some point in life. Picky …

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10 Foods That Cause Bloating

Whether we admit or not, all of us have been troubled with bloating and gas at least some time in our life. Gas results as a consequence of swallowing air …

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Food Safety Post Transplant

Food Safety Post Transplant

There is a lot of precaution that you need to follow with your routine, hygiene and food safety post transplant. And the reasons are obvious. You will be on lifelong …

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chatth pooja

Chatth Pooja – Scientific Aspects

Chatth is a festival celebrated on the sixth day of Kartika (according to the Hindu Calendar) in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and some parts of Nepal. Rituals are …

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healthy beautiful skin

10 Superfoods for Healthy Skin

Looking good, smart and having a radiant glowing skin is the dream of almost everyone since it ives you confidence on your physical appearance. Achieving a radiant glowing skin is …

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National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week – Things You Need to Know

We all know the importance of staying healthy, eating right and staying on track with our exercise regime, lest we want to spend most of our middle age and old age …

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5 Superfoods that Fight Cancer

Most of us know or have heard of how aggressive cancer treatment can be. From oncologist consultations to complicated surgeries to painful chemotherapy and extremely strong medicines – anybody who …

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food good for eyes

Which Food is Good for Eyes?

Watching the sunset, seeing a cute puppy walk for the first time, buying a hot pair of jeans: you can’t enjoy any of these experiences without your eyes. We clear …

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