Thursday , February 20 2020
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Do you know In 2018, Around 770000 People Died From AIDS?

According to Dr. Rajat Goyal, the head of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative’s (IAVI) India operations: “The 32nd annual World AIDS Day is upon us and it serves as a …

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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Benefits of Health Insurance

Insurance developed, historically speaking, as an ingenious and practical way to deal with the vagrancies of nature and the uncertainties of fate. So while no one could (or still can) …

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Doctor’s Opinion: 300+ Drugs Banned in India

Recently The Health Ministry announced a list of over 300 fixed-dose combination drugs banned in India due to certain ‘risks’ they have on the body. These include ban on common drugs prescribed …

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Have these medicines in your drawer? Throw them out

The most common drugs that have been used to treat diseases have been banned. The Health Ministry announced the ban of over 300 fixed dose combination drugs due to certain …

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Budget 2016: Here’s what major players in Healthcare Sector are saying

After much debate and criticism, the Finance Ministry of India has finally acknowledged the need for improvement in healthcare policies. This is evident since 2016’s Budget now focuses on policies …

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Organ Transplant: Successful Green Corridor

A brain dead man’s organs were flown to Chennai, Pune and Aurangabad for the purpose of transplant. It is reported that the patient was in his late 20’s and had severe …

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Zika Virus in India? Facts you should know

If you’re active on social media, you can’t escape the constant news on the increasing cases of Zika virus that started in Brazil and spread across Central and South America …

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To selfie or not to selfie? That is the question

Do you often find your friend uploading selfies on Facebook all the time? Is your Instagram newsfeed full of selfies? No doubt, selfie is the in-thing. A modern-day self-portrait of …

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Mobile Health Apps all set to change the landscape of healthcare delivery in India

The mobile health apps topic is catching a lot of attention. It’s another buzzword today.  The IT advancements in the healthcare sector, especially mobile health applications and services, are transforming the …

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Positive Impact on medical tourism thanks to e-visa

Medical Tourism is a type of tourism where people from a country go to another country for getting some type of medical treatment. It is an immensely growing sector in …

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Visiting India? NRI Vaccine Required

Taking proper precautions for your health before travelling to India is very important if you are an NRI who is not accustomed to the environment here. Any particular vaccine apart …

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