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Redefining Healthcare With Experience, Excellence & Empathy

Dr. Yugal Kishore Mishra is a luminary in the medical discipline of preventive cardiology and surgery and needs no introduction. After an illustrious stint of close to 28 years in Escorts …

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Healthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care app

5 Essential Healthcare Apps You Need Now!

As children, we worried that someday aliens would take over the world. That silly thought may not have come true, but the entire world has given in to something else …

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Healthcare Trends

Trends Followed To Augment Customer Experience For Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one that typically affects everyone. However, unfortunately, this also happens to be one specific industry that has historically had a bad reputation in terms of providing …

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safety and celebration

#FreedomFrom Unsafe Celebrations – 5 steps to have a safe Independence Day

Every Diwali, your elders would ask you to keep a distance from fireworks. Every Holi, they would rub a variety of oils on you before you would go to get …

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Freedomfrom medical hassle

#FreedomFrom Medical Hassle – Book An Appointment

We have seen many advances in our healthcare system. A few years back, people had to visit the hospital to make an appointment. They had to stand in a queue …

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Medical Myths

#FreedomFrom Medical Myths

‘So my father’s uncle’s cousin’s friend told me that he is a brilliant doctor. So you should meet him for your cancer.’ This is how Indians pass on advice related to …

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kite flying in India

8 Healthy Reasons To Fly A Kite This Independence Day – #FreedomFrom

“Dheel de” “Aayi Bo” “Kai Po Che” Come 15th August and your neighborhood will be filled with the echoes of these slangs. These terms are said out loud to celebrate …

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Medical help

Medical Help And Independence – #FreedomFrom

A few years back, the healthcare system in India was really poor. Lack of treatment, unawareness, and unavailability of medical facilities were some of the causes of death. We have …

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costly medical bills

#FreedomFrom Costly Medical Bills

Over the past few years, we have seen rapid economic growth in our country. This economic growth has allowed people to lift themselves out of poverty. But the lack of …

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Healthcare in India

Mapping The Evolution Of Healthcare in India – #FreedomFrom

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi On 15th August 2019, an Independent India will turn 73 years old. The declaration …

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6 Healthy Ways to Beat Stress- Backed By Science!

Preparing for an exam? Late for a job interview? Just realised you forgot to wish your spouse (read wife) on your anniversary yet again? Go easy on the nails and …

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online doctor consultation

What, Why, and Where of Online Doctor Consultation

The conventional healthcare dynamics could soon see a revolutionising change with the advent of an online doctor consultation. It has been around for quite some time; but, only recently has …

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16 Important Vaccinations That Must Be Given To Your Baby

For parents, raising a child comes with many decisions. From ensuring that their baby gets the best of everything be it education or lifestyle, to providing a nurturing environment where …

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Why Not Talk About Men’s Infertility? Removing the Social Stigma!

I like going through the websites that talk about women’s health issues, but nobody addresses Men’s Infertility and rarely anybody discusses about Azoospermia, a hormonal imbalance in men that leads …

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babys health

New Mom shares her difficult Motherhood Journey

Motherhood is the most important part of a woman’s life. It’s a miracle for which God has especially chosen women. It is a woman who keeps the baby safe for 9 months …

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indian diet after angioplasty

Important Questions to Ask Your Cardiologist About Angioplasty

A recent study reveals that loneliness, which was previously linked to a compromised immune system and premature death, can increase the risk of a stroke or coronary artery disease by …

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PPD (Postpartum Depression) – My story & Learning

A member of the New Moms’ Club shares her experience with PPD I was a girl who was full of life until PPD struck me and I couldn’t understand what …

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Immunisation- Should I, or shouldn’t I?

Most parents have this recurring and nagging concern about how justified the immunisation that they subject their children to are, especially regarding their effectiveness, safety and price. Let me try and …

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Uterine Fibroids – Facts you Need to know Today!

What are Uterine Fibroids? Fibroids are benign tumours that develop in the wall of the womb. While the condition may sound scary, it is pretty common and affects over 10 …

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pretty lady

Female Hormones: How do they Effect Mood, Appetite and Libido?

It’s not unusual when we are asked if it is our “Time of Month,” just because we get angrier or sadder than usual in a situation. While many women find …

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