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remedy for cough and cold, home remedies for cold and cough for babies, children's day India

Children’s Day Special: Home Remedies For Cold And Cough 

If you are accustomed to lullabies, cartoons, candies and Bollywood songs like Bum Bum Bole, we assume you have little children at home. However, if you are not habitual with …

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Child trauma, effects of trauma on children, deal with child's trauma

How To Deal With Trauma In Child’s Life

When a child experiences trauma, his life is altered forever. Those who suffer loss, abuse or neglect early-on in life, may often suffer from serious psychological and emotional disorders after …

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5 ways you can help a socially withdrawn child

It is difficult being the parent of a socially withdrawn child, more so because they find it challenging to develop relationships with peers, display bouts of low self-esteem as a …

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Baby Vaccination

Baby Vaccination: The First Step Towards Healthy Life

Baby Vaccination is something that is mandatory for the growth and development of newborn babies. These vaccines are designed to prevent infants and young children from several possible diseases like …

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Keep Your Child Healthy

11 Essentials to Keep Your Child Healthy in Springtime

As a parent, there are so many warnings and pieces of health advice that you need to follow. And it only gets trickier when you realize that a lot of …

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Tips to Improve Your Urological Health

The advice of a urologist will help you to maintain your health and recognize the threat to sexual function in time. At the same time, it is important not to …

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October 11: World Obesity Day 2017

The World Obesity Day is celebrated on 11th October every year. It is organised by the World Obesity Federation, a non-profit body which is in official relations with the WHO. The day …

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9 Not-to-Miss Malabsorption Symptoms in Kids

Sometimes, despite giving your child a healthy and balanced diet, they show signs of malnutrition. This occurs due to a condition called Malabsorption, which is the inability of one’s body …

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Pneumonia in newborn

Post Delivery Hygiene For Mother and Baby

Hygiene is as important for a mother and the new born. Proper post delivery hygiene for mother and baby, both, ensures that the duo does not contract any infection and …

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Osteosarcoma Symptoms

10 Most Common Pediatric Urological Problems

Paediatric urological conditions involve a wide range of conditions that affect the normal functioning of urinary and genital tracts. These can be congenital i.e. present at the time of birth …

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Negative effects of technology on kids

How many hours your child spend playing games on phone or watching TV every day? If you are a tech-savvy parent, then chances are the figure runs anywhere between 2-8 …

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10 Symptoms To Look Out in Your Child

Parents have dedicated their lives to taking care of their kids. They consult with doctors and physicians to ensure that their kids don’t fall sick. However, any illness manifests itself …

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bone tumor in children

Bone Tumours in babies

Sometimes it happens that the cells within our bodies start dividing themselves uncontrollably, ending up forming a mass or a lump of tissue which is actually a tumour. Similarly, bone …

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Germ Cell Tumours in Kids

The cells which give rise to eggs in women and sperm in men during the foetal stage are called Germ cells. Generally, their development begins in the place where the …

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Sudden fever is always a bad sign…

#1 Auto-immune diseases “Auto” in Greek means self. These diseases are the result of inflammatory reactions which occur as a result of the body’s immune system attacking its own tissues. …

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Don’t Ignore Your Overweight Kid

Very often, Indian parents tend to look the other way when it comes to the increasing weights of their children. It’s an indication of how well fed he is, or, …

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6 Reasons why your child might be showing signs of lethargy

At times, parents might notice their child (who’s always full of energy) showing signs of lethargy. Many just write it off as a phase, but as a parent, you should …

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10 Vaccinations for a Newborn

Vaccines are designed to prevent babies from any possible serious illnesses like the flu, measles, mumps, polio or tetanus. Vaccination is considered to be a crucial aspect of a child’s …

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babys health

9 Skin Changes to look out for in Babies

It is not uncommon for infants to develop skin rashes days after their birth. This happens because their skin is extremely sensitive and takes time to adapt to the environment. …

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babys growth

What comes after breast milk?

Breast milk is a complete nutrition package that an infant needs for growth and development at its nascent stage. But, after 6 months, the baby needs certain additional nutrients that …

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