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Blood Cancer Treatment in Reliance Hospital, Navi umbai

Reliance Hospital Mumbai: One -Stop For Treatment Of Blood Cancer

“Cancer is a word. Not a sentence.” Truly said, cancer does not have to be a life sentence for an individual. With its numerous types and stages, cancer has been …

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blood cancer

Blood Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Types and Treatment

Blood cancer is a broader term related to cancers that directly attack the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system. There are three blood cancer types, namely, leukemia, which happens due …

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Filariasis Symptoms, types of Filariasis

Filariasis Symptoms, Meaning, Types & Treatment – Credihealth

Filariasis is a parasitic disease transmitted by blood-feeding arthropods, mainly black flies, roundworms and mosquitoes. The mosquitoes that carry the microscopic worms usually bite between the hours of dusk and …

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Henoch Schonlein Purpura

Childhood Lymphoma Risk

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma This lymphoma is defined by the presence of specific malignant cells termed as Reed-Sternberg cells which are present in the lymph nodes or in other lymphatic tissues. The …

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PicMonkey Collage

Lymphoma: Causes and Risk Factors

Cancer is the term given to a group of over 100 diseases, which originate with the growth of abnormal cells inside the body. Instead of dying like a normal cell …

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Lymphoma in Children

Cancers originating in the body’s lymphatic tissues are termed as Lymphoma. The lymphatic tissues are made up of the spleen, thymus, nodes, tonsils and bone marrow, and are connected by …

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