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Unknown Dangers of Your Very Common “Whiplash”

Whiplash cases are most often reported in a car accident. Even the most minor accidents tend to cause a painful whiplash. Over the years, the whiplash chiropractors in Conyers have …

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Chiropractic care and physiotherapy

Chiropractic Care And Physiotherapy To Help Your Body Heal Better

Each person today wants to live healthy and longer! And should there be any disease or physical discomforts, they try and work out ways to heal better. There have been …

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The Importance of Physiotherapy

An episode of back pain can last for several weeks, and may also reoccur upon treatment. Physiotherapy is often considered to decrease back pain, increase function, provide education and support …

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frozen shoulder

Treating Frozen Shoulder With Physiotherapy

Did you know that one in every 20 people is estimated to experience frozen shoulder? Did you know that frozen shoulder is also known as ‘Adhesive Capsulities’? And, that the …

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Frozen Shoulder: Role of Physiotherapy and Shoulder Replacement

What is a Frozen Shoulder? Frozen shoulder, medically known as  Adhesive Capsulitis, is a painful condition which restricts shoulder movement.  In a healthy state, the shoulder capsule stretches up when …

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Christmas yoga as clock

Tired of Medicines & The Usual Therapy? Try Alternative Therapy

Most back pain resolves on its own, with or without therapies. However, some people suffer a chronic low back pain that lasts for six to eight weeks, and necessitates medication …

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