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Rare Medical Conditions

5 Rare Medical Conditions -Tips On How To Treat

Most of us are well aware of medical conditions like asthma, hypertension, and diabetes. However, there are other serious illnesses so rare they are never discussed by the general public. …

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rare story

7-Year-Old’s Abnormal Head Growth

Ayesha Gope is seven-year old but has never been out of her bed-since birth due to her abnormal head growth. She suffers from a rare congenital medical disorder called Meningoencephalocele …

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Rare Story: Boy with 260 teeth

Rare story! A 17-year old boy, Ashik Gavai, born in a family of cotton growers near Mumbai underwent a six hours long dental operation at JJ Hospital in Mumbai to …

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A 3-Year-Old Girl Hits Puberty

Bhavna (name changed) hails from Nalasopara in Mumbai suburbs. Around the age of 2, she suddenly started gaining weight and eventually menstruating! Her parents took her to the hospital where …

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PicMonkey Collage

The Case of Fetus in Fetu: Human Inside a Human

A 36 year old farmer named Sanju Bhagat from Nagpur had always been conscious of his swollen stomach. He was teased by others for his pregnant-like belly. One day, suddenly, …

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chart baby

Baby Catches Fire by Himself – Spontaneous Human Combustion

Baby Rahul was born in May 2013 to Rajeswari and Karna, both agricultural workers in Villupuram district near Chennai. In August last year, when Rahul was barely three months old …

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