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benefits of sex

#NotSoShy: The Health Benefits of Sex

Yeah, sex is cool but do you know that it is even better for your health? Unlike plants that reproduce by pollination, human reproduction is exciting. Lovemaking is more than …

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STD prevention, condoms and STD prevention

#NotSoShy: STD Prevention – Practicing Safer Sex

Discussions about sexual health are most often sidelined or hushed. In spite of the need for awareness, chit-chats about sex are considered a big No-No. In our new blog article …

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Reproductive health issues for males, male reproductive health, Male reproductive health tips

International Men’s Day – Common Reproductive Health Issues For Males

In a world where we fight for gender equality every day, there is obvious attention towards the oppressed genders. Throughout the year, we celebrate and push for women’s or trans …

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common stds

#NotSoShy: STDs – More Common Than You Think

STD or sexually transmitted disease does not only refer to the wider known Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), but includes a host of other infections as well that range from being …

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