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HPV in men

HPV in Men – The Most Common STI

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a virus that can be transmitted from person to person, via skin contact. There are over one hundred unique strains of the disease, and it …

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How to use condoms for male - condom use male and female

#NotSoShy: How to Use Condoms For Male and Female?

It is essential to know the importance of how to use condoms for male and female for safe sexual activities. Before understanding how to use a condom for man as …

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Sexercise: Does Sex Burn Calories?

For those tired of hitting the gym every day and going through a strenuous exercise regimen using those machines, there’s an alternative – get busy in bed! Yes, sex can …

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Sexual Health, sexual health issues, Sexually transmitted infections, Sexual and Reproductive health

#NotSoShy: Know The Basics of Sexual And Reproductive Health

You must have listened to top Bollywood songs that promote sexual tension and objectify women. Do you feel a sense of embarrassment or shame due to such songs? Irrespective of …

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