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Erectile Dysfunction measures

Need Erectile Dysfunction Measures To Enhance Sexual Life?

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to achieve stronger erections and suffer from distresses relationship. The beginning of Erectile Dysfunction influences roughly one in every ten men over the age of …

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benefits of sex

#NotSoShy: The Health Benefits of Sex

Yeah, sex is cool but do you know that it is even better for your health? Unlike plants that reproduce by pollination, human reproduction is exciting. Lovemaking is more than …

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common stds

#NotSoShy: STDs – More Common Than You Think

STD or sexually transmitted disease does not only refer to the wider known Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), but includes a host of other infections as well that range from being …

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Sexercise: Does Sex Burn Calories?

For those tired of hitting the gym every day and going through a strenuous exercise regimen using those machines, there’s an alternative – get busy in bed! Yes, sex can …

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Sexual Health, sexual health issues, Sexually transmitted infections, Sexual and Reproductive health

#NotSoShy: Know The Basics of Sexual And Reproductive Health

You must have listened to top Bollywood songs that promote sexual tension and objectify women. Do you feel a sense of embarrassment or shame due to such songs? Irrespective of …

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masturbation effect on health - effects of masturbation on health

Masturbation Effect on Health – Pros & Cons

Masturbation is when one touches himself in the genitals in order to sexually arouse himself. It is done by both men and women, alone or with a partner. The general …

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Sexually active? You need to know about this Silent Virus – HPV

Contrary to what a majority of people believe, they do not know everything about the risks of unprotected intercourse. Take for instance, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV is essentially a …

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Get Your Sex Life Back On Track After Childbirth

It is true that after child birth, some women start feeling different about their post-pregnancy body and self-image/ body image suffers. The body undergoes number of changes both physically as …

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athlete's and sex

Does sex affect an athlete’s performance?

There was a time in the 1950s and 60s, when professional boxers were almost coaxed into a no-sex-before-game regiment, in the fear that their upcoming performance would suffer adversely and …

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5 reasons why you should be having more sex

If you thought there was only one reason to have sex, then we are going to give you five more. You always thought of eating healthy food, exercise and adequate sleep …

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Sex Addiction Awareness

As with dependency on various substances, sexual addiction is also a reality for some people. It is a condition in which a person becomes excessively consumed with thoughts and actions …

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Is lack of physical intimacy affecting your married life?

The fundamental reason behind getting married is to develop intimacy, reproduce and build a family. Many people are of the opinion that a marriage is not a marriage if there …

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4 Reasons Why Men Cheat on Women

Men cheat on women more than what we believe. Not just young men but also the middle-aged and older ones. Do you deem sexual dissatisfaction as the cause for men …

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These 8 foods will improve your sex life – trust us!

The roles of aphrodisiacs or foods that heighten sexual desire and pleasure have been known since ages. Researchers have now been able to link certain food components and nutrients to …

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4 Lifestyle Factors Affecting Women’s Sex Life

There are several factor that could affect women’s sex life. Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) refers to a persistent or recurring loss of sexual desire or interest, disorders of genital arousal …

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Is There A Thing Such As 100% Safe Sex?

A common misconception many people have is that their birth control method automatically makes them safes from contracting any infection that can be passed on from sexual intercourse. Well, safe …

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7 Lifestyle Factors Affecting Men’s Sex Life

A 2011 study published in ‘The Journal of Sexual Medicine‘ shed light on the role of unhealthy lifestyle factors that affect women’s & men’s sex life. According to the results …

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Sex life

Revive Your Sex Life in 7 Ways

Most couples experience passionate romance and active sex life in the initial years of married life. Somewhere down the years, these get lost amidst hectic jobs, raising kids, fulfilling family …

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