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35th week of pregnancy, 35 weeks pregnant, 35 weeks pregnant symptoms

35th Week of Pregnancy: Five Weeks To Go

You are about to enter the last month of pregnancy. It won’t be long before you meet your baby, this is the 35th week of pregnancy. But it is not …

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Pregnancy complications, Complications during pregnancy, pregnancy problems, problems during pregnancy, Diseases during pregnancy

#LadiesAndBabies: Common Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy, (noun): A time of utter joy and a simultaneous worry of what might go wrong. Expecting moms and their spouses experience various forms of suspense in this period. Your …

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Understanding Stillbirth Through Genetic Testing

Stillbirths are uncommon, but when they occur, they take place before a pregnant woman goes into labour. A stillbirth occurs when a baby dies inside the womb at or after …

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