Tuesday , February 18 2020
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Kratom types

Everything You Must Know About Green, White Veins & Red Kratom

Whether this is your first time learning about kratom or have been consuming kratom powder it for some time now, you can always learn new things about this beautiful, mystery herb. Mitragyna …

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post Diwali detox guide

Watching Dietary Habits Could Go a Long Way in Keeping Women Fit & Active!

Everybody wishes to be their fittest selves; however, it becomes difficult and extremely challenging to understand which health tips are the best for you as there is an incredible amount …

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Health Insurance Shopping Secrets

Top 5 Health Insurance Shopping Secrets

Let’s face it: health insurance is costly. With so many healthcare options—be it PPO, HMO, EPO, etc.—it can be hard to find the one right for you, as well as …

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Tips To Use Cycling As A Weapon For Your Health And Wellness

“Cycling has encountered more enemies than any other form of exercise,” says Louis Baudry de Saunier, a 19th-century author. Can you guess what he wanted to convey with this quote? …

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Water Purifier

Water Purifier A Friend Or Foe For Human Health

Water purification is a process by which undesired chemical compounds, organic and inorganic materials, and biological pollutants are removed from the water. One prime purpose of water purification is to …

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Freedomfrom medical hassle

#FreedomFrom Medical Hassle – Book An Appointment

We have seen many advances in our healthcare system. A few years back, people had to visit the hospital to make an appointment. They had to stand in a queue …

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Medical Myths

#FreedomFrom Medical Myths

‘So my father’s uncle’s cousin’s friend told me that he is a brilliant doctor. So you should meet him for your cancer.’ This is how Indians pass on advice related to …

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