The idea of the Theragun massager gun came from Dr Jason Wersland, the inventor of the device. He came up with the idea for the Theragun after a motorcycle accident that occurred back in 2008.

It was not easy getting the idea off the ground, but it has reached widespread recognition and is now being used by a lot of people.


As long as you are physically active, the Theragun massager gun is the perfect device for you. For people who are continually working while sitting or standing up, it can also provide immediate relief, making it easy to get back to work.

When you use the Theragun, it gives a soothing relief to the aches and pains you may get from the constant office activities you took part in. It’s also the best solution for muscle tension or strain after a good gym session since it enhances blood circulation in your tired muscles. If you run marathons or do yoga, using the massager gun gives you a fuller range of motion. It may improve your stride, and your flexibility, making things easier for you to do the physical activities that you love.

Are you having difficulty sleeping at night, or having trouble getting a full 8 hours of sleep? If so, the massager gun can relax your body to prepare you for a good night’s sleep adequately.

Percussive Therapy: What is it All About?

The Theragun makes use of percussion therapy, where it can shoot pressure at specific points in the body, softening tissue where we usually feel stiffness. With repeated pulses against the area, it helps to soothe the pain.

Percussive therapy happens when muscle tissue gets hit with quick bursts of pressure. It’s getting more popular right now, especially with physical rehabilitation and treatment. These may involve regular people to sports enthusiasts.

Getting a traditional massage may be more comfortable, as it doesn’t involve you moving a piece of machinery all over your body. Someone will do the job of finding where your pain is, using your pressure points to ease the pain away. When it comes down to brass tacks, percussion therapy is better than a traditional massage as you get to ease the pain without feeling more torture to manage it.

If in case you are a bit sensitive to deep-tissue massages, the Theragun can provide the right amount of massage that you are looking for. Getting the gun is not cheap, but if you think about the benefits, it can give you, the price is all worth it.

When you have the Theragun, you won’t need to wait for a massager, or to look for a clinic. You can use the gun and massage your muscles, and with percussive therapy, it makes managing the pain easy to handle.

The Theragun massager gun can be used as a warm-up before an actual competition as well as using it after a workout. It’s like bringing your very own therapist.

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