Chemotherapy has been the cornerstone for addressing late stage cancers and might be the most effective treatment for cancer which has metastasized. But Chemotherapy sessions can be very exhaustive, both physically and mentally and may affect the emotional well-being of the patients with it’s side effects.

However, its benefits over rule these. The key to withstanding the tiring chemotherapy session is to take care of you.

Make sure rest is top priority: Chemotherapy sessions can be very tiring; it is advisable to take rest as often as needed and allowing your body to recoup its strength. Tiredness is very common and fatigue will take time to wean off. Make sure you are engaged and maintain your routine.

Take care of your diet: Work in close association with your diet counselor to help them understand your dietary choices so that they can devise a diet chart accordingly, Consume healthy foods rich in protein and calorie, which can help in making up new healthy cells that are lost during treatment.

Remain active:  Working out gently in open air would be good for your appetite and your overall wellbeing. Check with your cancer specialist to advise what exercises can be done easily by you.


Managing Side effects:

Hair loss is the most common and most embarrassing side effects that bother lots of patients, especially women. It is good to understand that hair loss is a temporary side effect that will go as soon as chemotherapy is accomplished, and shouldn’t be taken to heart. Use of artificial wigs and prosthesis can be really handy as well to tide over the initial rough patch.

Nausea and Vomiting: Take small meals and keep yourself hydrated. Prefer liquid diet and don’t overdo eating.

Increased chances of infection: It is good to stick to cleanliness and maintain hygiene to avoid getting sick and getting infection. Prefer use of soft bristle brush to avoid bleeding gums, avoid cuts during shaving. Proper management of cuts and bruises is advised.

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