Thrive Reviews: The Ins and Outs of Everything to Do with Le-Vel Thrive

Le-Vel Thrive is one of the most widely used new health-and-wellness programs in the world, but is it as effective as its cracked up to be...

Thrive Reviews: The Ins and Outs of Everything to Do with Le-Vel Thrive
Thrive Reviews: The Ins and Outs of Everything to Do with Le-Vel Thrive
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Le-Vel Thrive is one of the most widely used new health-and-wellness programs in the world, but is it as effective as it's cracked up to be? If you have even a passing interest in health and wellness or personal improvement, then chances are you've heard of Le-Vel. An unassuming startup that managed to generate more than $2 billion within its first seven years, Le-Vel relies on enthusiastic users and dedicated direct sellers to introduce individuals to a new way of life. And for the most part, Le-Vel Thrive reviews represent a very satisfied customer base. But what exactly is Thrive all about? Here we take a closer look at Le-Vel — what it is, what it offers, and whether it might be the right choice for you.

What Is Thrive?

First and foremost, let's take a look at Thrive itself. Le-Vel Thrive, also known as the Thrive Experience is a daily supplement routine combined with personalized fitness goals. Thrive is the flagship product of the Le-Vel company, so much so that the two terms (Le-Vel and Thrive) are often used interchangeably. In terms of products, the Thrive Experience consists of three different kinds of daily supplements, as well as peripheral products (such as snacks and beverages) designed to further support users in reaching their health goals. This three-step process includes the following: â—� Premium Lifestyle Capsules Available in special formulas for both women (Thrive W) and men (Thrive M), these capsules are designed to be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The capsules contain a range of essential nutrients, amino acids, probiotics, and other active natural ingredients (such as coffee bean extract, green tea, ginger, and aloe vera). â—� Premium Lifestyle Mix Thrive premium lifestyle mix is actually a shake powder. The Thrive Experience recommends that users drink the shake about 30 minutes after taking the capsules. The mix is micronized, increasing its bioavailability and allowing users to experience the benefits of additional vitamins and minerals, natural plant extracts, anti-oxidants, probiotics, amino acids, and enzymes right away. â—� Thrive DFT The final step in the Thrive Experience (and often the one that gets the most attention) is the Thrive DFT. Sometimes inaccurately called the "Thrive Patch," DFT stands for dermafusion technology, and is actually a unique, patented advancement that infuses the skin with a separate formula, offering further supplementation used in conjunction with the capsules and shakes. Users apply the DFT to a clean, dry, lean area of the skin (forearm, bicep, ankle, wrist, and shoulder are all popular locations), and switch it out for a new DFT every 24 hours. Taken together, these three supplements are designed to fill in the nutritional gaps that exist within the modern diet. Additionally, the Thrive Experience uses other natural ingredients designed to support weight and appetite management, promote lean muscle growth, support healthy joint function, improve cognitive performance, and support digestion and immune system function. But this is no miracle cure or snake-oil promise; Le-Vel Thrive cautions that users must fully commit to the program if they expect to see the results they want. This means working towards fitness goals and putting in the effort.

What are the Side Effects of Thrive?

As previously stated, the Thrive Experience is essentially a supplement plan created to ensure optimal nutrition to support an improved lifestyle. To do this, it incorporates a range of ingredients into its formulas. And naturally, some individuals might react negatively to certain ingredients. But discounting issues such as allergies or uncommon sensitivities, the Thrive Experience is essentially side-effect free. There are no known dangers of using Thrive Products as recommended. This is because the formulas themselves are made up almost entirely of essential nutrients that human beings need, and that most of us simply aren't getting enough of. However, because the Thrive Experience does contain caffeine, those who are overly sensitive to caffeine and that combine the Thrive Experience with other caffeine sources throughout the day may experience anxiety, headaches, or insomnia. But these side effects are few and far between. As with any lifestyle change or a new diet, it's recommended that users consult with their primary healthcare providers to identify any possible issues before committing to Thrive. But overall, Le-Vel products are completely side-effect-free.

How Much Does Thrive Cost?

The Thrive Experience comes in three different packages: â—� 2-Week Experience Designed to give new users a sample taste of what they can expect from the Thrive Experience, the two-week course includes 14-days worth of capsules, mix, and DFTs. - Cost: $100 â—� 4-Week Experience The standard, monthly package, the four-week course is a better overall value than the two-week option. Most committed users prefer the 4-Week Experience. Autoship and first-time orders receive $44 worth of additional shake mix. -Cost: $150 â—� 4-Week Couples Pack The couple's pack consists of four weeks worth of capsules (Thrive W and Thrive M), mix, and DFT for two people. The couple pack also comes with $88 worth of additional shake mix for autoship and first-time orders. -Cost: $300

Is Thrive Really Worth It?

This final question is one that's the most difficult to answer, simply because every user is different, and the question of "worth" is going to be unique to the individual. That said, Thrive reviews tend to share extremely positive experiences from satisfied customers. In most cases, it seems that Le-Vel Thrive provides customers with exactly what it promises: improved physical and cognitive function through optimal nutrition, without any substantial risk of side effects. Whether or not those benefits are worth the money or the commitment is something that only you can answer for yourself. Next Steps If you've made it this far, then you must be seriously considering giving Le-Vel Thrive a try. And, since that's really the only way to know for yourself exactly what Thrive is about, then that's probably your next step. The good news is that, based on a closer look at the process, the ingredients, and the reviews, there's a good chance that you'll have a positive experience. Just make sure you follow the directions and really commit to your goals. After all, that's the only way to really know for yourself what Le-Vel Thrive is all about.