The treatment for a health condition does not stop at a procedure. It rather begins with it. You will see the results only after providing proper care. This holds true for all medical tests, procedures or surgeries. Similarly, care after coronary angiography is of foremost concern to doctors and patients. In this article, we will discuss the coronary angiography post care steps.

Let us begin with understanding what is coronary angiography?

What Is Coronary Angiography?

Coronary angiography is a procedure in which X-ray techniques are used to look inside the coronary arteries. The X-rays produced by this imaging test are called angiograms.

In brief, Coronary angiography is an X-ray done on the inside of blood vessels to check for blockages. It is a safe procedure that can help doctors identify where the problem is. This test also lets a doctor decide the treatment plan for the patients.

After coronary angiography, patient care must be maintained. Here is a list of certain guidelines which will be performed in the hospital after the test.

Coronary Angiography Post Care At Hospital

Coronary Angiography is performed at a cath lab in a hospital. After the process is complete, the team of medical experts tending to the patient will offer post-procedure care. The following set of steps will be taken while the patient is at the hospital.

Removal of catheter: In this process, a catheter (a flexible tube) is inserted into the patient’s arm or groin. Through this catheter, the entire process of coronary angiography is carried out. After the procedure is complete, the first step is to remove the catheter. This step is performed by a trained doctors or nurses.

Pressure: As the doctor removes the catheter from your body, he/she will apply manual pressure. This is done to prevent bleeding from the site where the tube was inserted. The doctors may also use a clamp or plug for this purpose.

Monitoring of health: Your overall health will be observed by the medical staff. After the procedure, you would spend nearly 6-7 hours in the hospital.

Some patients, based on their condition, may have to spend an entire night in the hospital. This is done for the purpose of health monitoring and to avoid unnecessary complications that may arise from the procedure.

Instructions: Your doctors and nurses will give you instructions after coronary angiography. They will also explain your medical prescriptions to you if any.

Coronary Angiography Post Care at Home

Coronary Angiography is not a very lengthy procedure. In most cases, doctors allow patients to return home on the same day. Some patients may be asked to stay overnight for monitoring purposes. After the patient is sent home, safety and care should be maintained, at least, till the time of complete recovery. The following is a list of dos and don’ts which you should follow after coronary angiography.

Dos after coronary angiography

Drink plenty of fluids- This procedure uses a special dye to capture images of the inside of arteries. This dye needs to be flushed from the body. In order to do that, it is suggested that after coronary angiography is done, one should drink lots of fluids. Water is the most preferred form of fluids that a person should intake.

Care of the puncture site- After the catheter is removed, the doctor will apply a bandage over the puncture site. This bandage can be replaced after 24 hours.

Ultimately, this bandage will have to be removed. You are expected to take special care of this puncture site. If proper care is not maintained, some form of infection can occur at this site.

Diet- A balanced and healthy diet is a must for every human. However, after coronary angiography, the need for a nutritious diet increases. You should add nutrients to your meals to avoid weakness post procedure.

Cleanliness and Hygiene- The puncture site should be kept clean. You can ask your doctor about how to maintain the hygiene of this area. This is done to avoid infections or other complications.

Wear loose clothes- Baggy or loose clothes can speed up the healing of the puncture site. Tight fitted clothes, on the other hand, can cause skin rashes and other skin issues.

Physical Activity- After coronary angiography, you should take proper rest. However, small amount of walking is suggested. You should not exhaust yourself but to maintain the physical health of your body post-procedure, you can take walks.

Don’ts after coronary angiography

Strenuous exercise- Though some amount of walking is suggested, you should not indulge in any form of heavy exercise. You should avoid going to the gym, lifting heavy weights or doing any form of exhausting physical activity for up to a week after the procedure.

Avoid drinking alcohol- Alcohol can harm your internal health. Coronary Angiography uses a form of a special dye to produce X-rays of the blood vessels. After the procedure, alcohol consumption can lead to certain complications.

Do not smoke- Cigarette smoking is harmful to health. After coronary angiography, smoking cigarettes can cause complications for your overall health.

Do not drive- Driving includes concentration and focus. Right after the procedure, you are suggested not to perform activities that require focus.

This is because, during the procedure, the doctor give you local anesthesia. The anesthesia can affect your decision making capabilities. You should also avoid taking important decisions about your life right after coronary angiography.

Do not take hot water bath- Though hygiene should be maintained, you should not expose the puncture site to hot water. You should ask your doctor about how to pursue your bathing habits.

Do not apply lotion- It is suggested that you should not apply lotions or ointments to the puncture site.

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A word from Credihealth

After coronary angiography, you would have to visit your doctor for follow-ups. This is not a treatment method but an imaging test. Coronary angiography helps in detecting blockages in the coronary arteries. Your doctor will diagnose the condition based on the X-rays obtained from this procedure.

Though it is only an imaging test, coronary angiography post care is important. The above guidelines should be followed strictly to maintain the health of a patient.

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