Tooth discoloration implies abnormal tooth color, translucency or hue. We understand that external discoloration is due to the accumulation of stains overtime on your tooth surface. Internal tooth discoloration seems to be because of food particle absorption into the structure of the tooth. Sometimes there could be numerous diverse co-existent factors that lead to tooth discoloration.

As per, if you skip regular cleanings, it could have a major impact on your overall health and well-being when gum infection and periodontal disease worsen.

Teeth could darken because of several reasons like stain-causing food, advancing age, diseases, poor dental hygiene, tooth injury, family history, excessive fluoride in dental products or water, tobacco use and even drinks. Let us explore some effective ways of treating tooth discoloration.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

There are many different causes of tooth discoloration like:

Food or Drinks: Tea, coffee, wines, colas, and some vegetables and fruits could stain your teeth.

Tobacco Use: Chewing or smoking tobacco could be staining your teeth.

Poor Dental Hygiene: Improper or insufficient brushing, rinsing or flossing for eliminating plaque and certain stain-producing substances such as tobacco and coffee could trigger tooth discoloration.

Excessive Use of Fluoride: Teeth discoloration could be caused by way too much fluoride applications; fluoride supplements, rinses, etc. could cause teeth discoloration.

Trauma: For instance, damage to your teeth because of a bad fall could upset enamel formation particularly in young kids whose teeth seem to be still developing. Remember trauma could result in teeth discoloration in adults too.

We find that numerous circumstances could trigger teeth discoloration. Generally, the stains seem extrinsic impacting the teeth enamel only and could be rectified. Extrinsic discoloration of teeth could be caused by coffee or black tea consumption, using both white and red wines and eating dark-colored foods like chocolate or beetroots. Some other foods that may result in staining your teeth are pickles, candies, or berries, etc.

Some sort of staining or teeth discoloration may prove to be quite stubborn and difficult to be erased. Curries, soy sauce, and tomato sauce cause your teeth to appear yellowish. Whenever you are consuming acidic food you are creating a somewhat acidic oral environment by consuming acidic food items. Regular brushing and consistent flossing could make your teeth enamel more fortified and strong. Another cause of teeth discoloration is a calcium deficiency. Huge amounts of fluoride could cause white spots on your teeth.

Prevention of Tooth Discoloration

You could prevent teeth discoloration by introducing certain lifestyle modifications. For instance, if you are a habitual smoker or coffee drinker, you may consider reducing the use or quitting the bad habit altogether.

You must focus on improving your overall dental hygiene by brushing, using a mouthwash and flossing every day and also, by getting teeth cleaning and polishing done at least, once every six months by a qualified dentist from reputed Dublin Dental Care clinic.

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Treatments for Teeth Whitening

Treatment options would be varying as per the actual cause of teeth discoloration. However, here are some effective ways of keeping your Pearlies sparkling white.

  • Focus on using proper flossing and perfect tooth brushing techniques.
  • Avoid all those beverages and foods that may trigger discoloration or staining.
  • Making use of over-the-counter whitening agents.
  • In-office whitening agents,
  • In-home whitening agents bought from your dentist.
  • Veneers
  • Bondings

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You must seek an appointment with a dentist if your teeth appear unusually stained without any ready explanation, it is best to consult an expert for perfect solutions.

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