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Insurance Policies

Top 5 Insurance Policies Every Indian Businessman Should Buy in 2022

Unplanned expenses are a part of life, but when they become too frequent or start disrupting your everyday finances, you should start looking for a solution. 

As a businessman, you are already surrounded by many risks; hence, minimizing some will go a long way in securing a peaceful life. Investing in the right insurance can help you bring peace and safety to your life as they act as the safety net against various unplanned expenses.

Insurance Policies

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Whether you want to secure your life or business vehicles, business property, or business travel, insurance plans are apt for your requirements. If you’re going to start taking emergency expenses seriously and create a fund you can rely upon during tough times, getting the following five insurance Policies should be on your priority list.  

  • Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of popular, general insurance covering medical expenses arising from an illness or pre-existing disease. Due to the rising medical costs and inflation, it is becoming more difficult than ever to access quality healthcare treatment. If you value your health more, you should invest in a good health insurance plan. These plans come with comprehensive coverage and include hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, room rent charges, surgery expenses, etc.

With a good health insurance plan by your side, you can also access cashless treatment benefits at a good partner hospital. You can choose to get an individual health insurance plan or buy a family floater plan to include your dependent family members under the same policy. 

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  • Travel Insurance

If your work involves a lot of business travel, both nationally and internationally, you should get travel insurance. It is a short-term cover but provides a plethora of benefits. It will make your travel worry-free and ensure you’re covered in the event of financial loss arising from baggage theft, lost documents, missed flights, etc.

Depending on your travel location and purpose, you can pick one from domestic travel insurance, home holiday insurance, and international insurance. This insurance will cover the losses from flight cancellations, trip cancellations, medical emergencies in a foreign land, and more. You can go through the list of inclusions and exclusions before investing in any travel insurance for yourself or your employees traveling for business purposes.  

  • Motor Insurance

Motor insurance refers to the insurance you get for your vehicles, like four-wheelers and two-wheelers. This insurance will secure you from financial obligations from accidents involving your vehicle and any third-party individual or property. If your business involves using one or too many commercial vehicles, you cannot take them on the road without getting them insured. You will also need motor insurance for personal vehicles as the law of the land doesn’t allow uninsured vehicles on the road.

If you want a safety net against third-party financial obligations alone, go ahead with third-party motor insurance. But if you want coverage of your own damage and protection from third-party financial obligations, then comprehensive insurance is ideal for your personal vehicles. For other commercial vehicles, there is commercial motor insurance.    

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  • Property Insurance

If you want to secure your property financially, you shouldn’t think twice before investing in good property insurance. No matter how cautious you are, your property can be subjected to destruction due to natural or man-made events. If you own a commercial shop, you should look for the best shop insurance that will protect it financially in the event of damages arising from fire, flood, earthquake, etc. Property(s) always involve heavy investment, so you should protect it at all costs, especially if the property is helping you earn some income.    

  • Life Insurance

It is insurance that looks after your dependent family members after your death. No one likes to think about death, but one cannot turn a blind eye to it, especially if one is the family’s sole earning member. Life insurance is very different from health insurance because the former looks after the nominees, after the person who took the policy is no more. The latter takes care of the medical and treatment expenses of both the insured and his dependent family members while the policyholder is alive. There are various types of life insurance plans like an endowment plan, term plan, etc. You can get a life insurance plan that best matches your requirements.

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Get Insured for a Stress-free Life

The market has various Insurance Policies available for businessmen, but not every plan deserves your attention and money. To lead a worry-free and stress-free life, all you need is the right combination of insurance policies that will look after the various vital aspects of your life. To help you cut the noise, we’ve listed above the top five insurance policies that every business person must-have for a secure life and future. If you don’t even have one from the list above, you should get one for yourself at the earliest. Investing in insurance is one decision you will never regret in life. 

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