Take look at which health issues are people searching on Google the world over.

Number 1 – Flu

You may not be surprised to know that flu topped the ranking. This might be the case every year with the widespread influenza-associated illnesses affecting millions of people across the world. It’s more of a seasonal disease that manifest as high fever, body aches, chills and breathing troubles. Though flu appears to be similar to common cold but it is much worse claiming many lives every year. Immediate medical attention is necessary.

Number 2 – Common Cold

Remember sore throat, running nose and sneezing – how wretched one feels. That’s common cold and definitely every one of us gets affected at least once a year with common cold. It is a viral infection affecting our upper respiratory system including nose and throat. Though not harmful but it is very irritating and makes one feel low. Most commonly seen among children. It takes about 2-3 weeks to recover completely.

Number 3 – Labor

Agreed that most women feel anxious at the thought of child delivery and labor pains.  There are so many questions circling their minds as the due date draws near. Excitement, anticipation, and anxiety there is a sea of endless emotions. Instead of being overwhelmed, calm your anxiety by discussing all your concerns related to labor and child delivery with our medical experts.

Number 4 – Diabetes

There are nearly 80 million diabetes patients in India alone. Diabetes has become an epidemic largely related to sedentary lifestyle coupled with high intake of calories and rising work stress. By definition, diabetes is the inability of the body to manage normal blood sugar levels but it is not just that because of the associated complications such as damage to vision, kidney failure, amputation of limb and heart attacks.

Number 5 – Back Pain

Lower back pain is a universal complaint and is observed to be most common among middle aged people. This is because as people approach mid-30s their muscle elasticity, bone density and muscle tone begin to decline. The exact causes of back pain are not yet known but are related to lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies. Inculcate nutritious eating habits and lead a healthy lifestyle to be free of back pain.

We know maintaining good health demands time and effort but it’s worth all the investments. Stay aware of the health issues and how can you protect yourself from them.

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