Has your or any family member’s covid 19 report come positive? No need to get panic. You can easily prevent the infection from spreading and treat the patient. By following some easy steps and rules, you can recover in a few days. We know that the impact of Covid-19 was dangerous at starting days. The fear in the eyes of the government, medical institutions, and the general public were commonly visible. But at present, maximum people are vaccinated. Also, the level of awareness is very high. So there is no need to take tension of this virus. This content will guide you with a few care tips for you and others to fight covid-19 at home.

What is covid-19?

Before moving towards prevention and care tips, let us first understand covid-19. It is also known as the RNA virus. According to experts, coronavirus causes disease in birds and mammals. Now it is affecting humans too. Covid-19 was discovered in Wuhan, China. This contagious disease may affect the human respiratory system. It can also cause pneumonia, common cold, cough, and fever. People with poor respiratory systems, cardiac issues, and poor immune systems may face emergencies. Doctors also recommend taking warm water, a healthy diet, and maintaining social distancing. Precautions are a must to stay safe in this pandemic. If you got vaccinated with all dosages, then also you need to be careful and follow the guidelines.

Now the situation is almost under control. Hospitalizations are less if we compare to the previous year’s records. Also, the recovery and discharge rates are impressive. People are taking advantage of online prescription delivery as well. Some online pharmacies provide fast prescription delivery and health advice. You can visit for any type of help against covid-19 or other health complications. Mednow is always available to fulfill all pharmacy needs.

Preventing the spread of the virus

In the case of coronavirus, prevention from the spread is the key to winning the battle against the epidemic. First of all, separate the patient from the other family members. Everybody at home needs to use a face mask and sanitizer. Dispose of the used items properly that nobody else comes in contact. Below are a few more steps to prevent the spread of this virus.

  1. Take leave from work, school, and social platforms.
  2. Avoid public or sharing vehicles.
  3. Prefer isolation
  4. Frequently wash your hands.
  5. Wear a face mask with proper face coverage.
  6. Avoid touching things in your home to prevent the risk of the virus from spreading.
  7. Use your elbow while coughing and sneezing.


At home treatment tips:

You can experience mild illnesses like cough, fever and chills, body pain, and cold. Within 7-14 days, you will recover perfectly from this disease if you follow the below-mentioned treatment tips:

Take prescribed medicines on time:
Your medicines are the most important things, and you can not miss them. Vitamin C, other vitamins, cough syrup, and paracetamol are a few basic medicines that your doctor will suggest. You can avail of free home delivery of the prescription by simply visiting atMednow. Stepwise guidance will allow easy order, and fast delivery will resolve all your health trouble. 


Drink warm water in sufficient quantity: Hydration is required to allow your body to detox the infection from your body. Drinking warm water maintains your body temperature. So add as much hot water to your routine as you can.


Take proper rest: Your immune system becomes stronger, and your body feels much related during your sleep session. A powerful defence system is a basic requirement to prevent or recover from coronavirus effects. So sleep at least for 8-10 hours daily to approach faster recovery from the illness at home. 


Exercise: During cold-19 infection, you take a break from work. But your body needs some activities to stay warm and active. Practising stretching, deep breathing, and warm-up exercises will support rapid recovery. Deep breathing exercises will even strengthen your respiratory system. Meditation practices are proven to improve your willpower and healthy brain commands. So do practice meditation for the appropriate time.


Healthy diet: You must focus on your plate if you are covid-19 positive. Eat homemade, properly-cooked food items. Keep vitamin C-rich food items, including fruits and salad. Make sure you are taking less oil and other fat sources. Add natural spices to your diet to support your immune system and keep your body warm. Avoid fast and junk items as they are not safe for your immune system.


Take steam: Cold, cough, and breathing issues are common symptoms in coronavirus. Taking steam at home will clear your respiratory system, and you will be able to sleep properly. It is even helpful in recovering faster. At home, you can use a streamer with normal water to take steam.


Avoid entertaining visitors: Entertaining people unnecessarily can cause the spread of the infection. Even when you are recovering it can again create trouble for you. You must maintain distance from your family members. Who is responsible for your take care must follow the guidelines to stay protected from the infection.


Avoid watching disturbing covid-19 news: Covid news may create panic in your mind. It can even affect your willpower. A scared soldier can not fight effectively. So involve yourself in entertaining activities and don’t watch covid news for a few days.

When to seek emergency assistance:

Many patients recovered at home, but acceptions are always there. Emergencies may arise anytime with anyone. Do not ignore the situation even with a single critical symptom. Below are some conditions when you should immediately run for medical assistance:

  1. Breathing difficulties
  2. Pain in or near the chest area
  3. Blue colored lips or face
  4. Change in the colour of skin tone or nails
  5. Not able to stay awake

If you notice the above-mentioned emergency signs in you or another person, call for help without wasting time. Meadow can even help you in providing guidance and assistance.


Hospitals were full of patients when the pandemic was at its peak. Now you get to cope with the health staff by taking care of yourself and following the guidelines. Adopt hand wash and mask as an essential part of your life and stay safe. Also, share your at-home recovery feedbacks with other people to support positivity and decrease the level of panic.

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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