We have all seen ambulances racing down the street with their lights and sirens blazing and we all know that these emergency vehicles are very important in saving the lives of those patients who are in urgent need of a medical assistance. Apart from knowing the emergency ambulance numbers for ambulance nearby, one should also have a clarity on the types of ambulance in India and which one they should book depending on the emergencies.

  • Basic Life Support Ambulance: These ambulances are more suitable for those patients who do not require advance medical support or cardiac monitoring until they reach the hospital. BLS ambulances are equipped with basic lifesaving equipment such as BP monitor, stretcher, and oxygen cylinder.
  • Advance Life Support Ambulance: ALS ambulances are used to transport patients who require a higher level of care until they reach the hospital. These emergency ambulance services are staffed with a paramedic or relevant doctor to aid the patient. These are fitted with all advanced life support supplies required to aid the severely ill or injured patient or cardiac patient, like cardiac monitor, incubator, IV supplies, ventilator, defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, nebulizer, resuscitation kit and BP apparatus.
  • Patient Transfer Ambulance: Also known as Non-Emergency Patient Transfer or Transport, this ambulance is for patients who require constant clinical monitoring but are not in the dire need of time-critical emergency or those who are confined to wheelchairs and need mobility assistance.
  • Mortuary Ambulance: These ambulances are mainly for the transportation of a dead body.

Irrespective of the types of ambulance in India, all of them are equipped with basic life-saving equipment and medicines for emergency. Ambulance cost depends on the types of ambulance services you opt that varies from Rs 800 – 4000 for 10 Km distance.

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