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Knee Osteoarthritis

Your Ultimate Workout For Knee Osteoarthritis – Walking

What is the most common sign of getting old among Indians? Knee Pain. But knee pain is not necessarily always related to old age. Sometimes, it is a result of an injury. But sometimes knee osteoarthritis could be the cause. We will take you knee-deep in information about osteoarthritis and how walking can help relieve pain associated with it.

Let’s Begin By Understanding What Knee Osteoarthritis Is?

Knee Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes inflammation in the joints. This inflammation causes pain in the knee area. Swelling and stiffness are other common symptoms of this condition.

Knee osteoarthritis is common among the older population. The symptoms are mostly manageable but the damage caused to the joints cannot be reversed.

Why Is Walking Good For Knee Osteoarthritis?

It might sound slightly complicated but walking has a positive effect on the pain caused by knee osteoarthritis. The condition cannot be cured entirely but the pain can be relieved. Patients diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis can benefit largely from walking. Here’s how-

Helps in rebuilding joints- Though the joints cannot be repaired, some portions can be rebuilt. Walking is effective as it improves the movement of joints.

Boosts the strength of legs- If you walk every day, your legs will become accustomed to it. This way the strength of your bones and muscles will increase.

Weight Loss- For patients with knee osteoarthritis, maintaining a controlled weight is a priority. It is because the knees bear the body’s mass and weight. Walking can help burn calories and thus lead to weight loss.

Helps in getting better sleep- Better sleep becomes mandatory for someone with this condition. A simple and short walk can make you sleep better at night.

Eases of stress- Stress and anxiety are common among patients who suffer from knee osteoarthritis. Since walking is a relaxation technique and leads to a better quality of sleep, it can help relieve stress.

Tips For Walking With Knee Osteoarthritis

Now that you know how walking helps, don’t just head out right away. There are certain tips that you must follow to enjoy the benefits of walking.

Choose the right shoes- Yes, there are the right shoes and wrong shoes, especially when you have osteoarthritis. If you are suffering from this condition, we suggest that you pick lightweight and flexible shoes like sports shoes. Footwear that is heavy, with heels, or is pointed is a big no.

Begin with a warm-up- Exposing your knees to slight heat may be profitable before walking. You could also hop in a hot water bath. Apart from this, you should do some light stretching exercises before going for a walk.

Settling on the right route- External factors are equally important since walking is a task for people facing this problem. So choosing the right route is of prime importance. It is recommended that you walk on softer and more natural paths. Jogging paths at parks are a great option.

Decide on a walking time- High enthusiasm before exercising is very common among people. Usually, people overdo the exercises on the first day. You should always start slowly. Start with a small 15-minute walk and extend it later depending on your health condition.

Count your steps- In the era where data is everything, a simple count of your steps can change your perspective about your illnesses. According to a study, people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis should walk 6000 steps per day. The number may seem huge initially, but it is not impossible to achieve. This count can be of great advantage.

Use cold packs after walking- If there is any inflammation in your knees after walking, you can use cold packs to relieve it.

Keep moving- Sitting in a single spot for some time would cause harm to anyone. Especially patients with knee osteoarthritis should make it a habit to move every 15 minutes.

Use walking poles- You can always use walking or trekking poles as support. This equipment will help in maintaining your balance while you achieve your walking goals.

Get a buddy- We understand that it can be exhausting for you to walk. To make it more entertaining, you can take the help of music. Or ask someone to join you on your walk.

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Do Not Overdo It

Yes, walking is important and has many health benefits. It can improve the condition of your joints. But with gains come losses. Excessive physical activity can harm your health.

Moderation is the key here. Start slowly and gradually increase your capacity.

Please note that if your knee joints begin to hurt more or you see redness, swelling or stiffness, do not continue with this activity. Also, before beginning, it is suggested that you consult your doctor and take his opinion.


We know that your knees would be knocked out of pain due to knee osteoarthritis. But this post explains how a simply approachable method can help.

Asking someone to walk while they have knee pain is contrasting. But a little motivation and consistency can bring positive results. There are also other exercises like cycling or swimming that the patients can do with the doctor’s approval.

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