Vaccines immunize a baby from diseases like polio, mumps, influenza and hepatitis. Although vaccine reactions are rare, they do happen and in some vaccination side effects are seen on babies. If there are any side effects,  pediatrician is to be consulted immediately as a severe allergic reaction may also lead to anaphylactic shock. According to a well-known pediatrician in Mumbai,

Post the administration of a vaccine, if the child finds it difficult to breathe, becomes weak or pale, it is possible that the vaccine has had an adverse reaction. Though severe reactions to vaccines are extremely rare, it is best to be alert and observant after a baby has been administered a vaccine. 

Typical Vaccination Side Effects

The common reactions after vaccination are pain, swelling and redness on the vaccinated area. The child may get fever, diarrhea, may become fussy, develop a rash, start vomiting and crying. These are common reactions that go away within a few days and do not indicate any serious problem.

Severe reactions to vaccines may include low platelet count, pneumonia, inflammation of the stomach, bleeding – in gums, urine or stool. In some cases, the baby find it difficult to breathe or becomes pale. In other cases, the baby may develop a rash that will turn purple over time or get bruises that bleed. In case any of such severe reactions, pediatrician should be consulted immediately.

Vaccination Side Effects

What to do in case of Vaccination Side Effects?

Most side-effects to vaccines are mild but some may build to extreme life-threatening conditions or result in seizure. Consulting a pediatrician in the event of a reaction helps in determining the cause and solution of the problem. It is possible that the vaccine may have developed a problem due to storage or any other factor. In that case, administration of the vaccine should be stopped by informing the concerned authorities.


Is it possible to prevent Vaccination Side Effects?

The first and foremost precaution to a vaccine reaction is to make sure that the baby is healthy during vaccination. Pediatricians usually advise against administering vaccines to a baby having fever or a more serious illness than common cold.

Before administering a vaccine, the pediatrician will make you aware of any known possible reactions to the vaccine. The doctor will also share the medication, in case of a minor reaction. Inform the pediatrician about any earlier reactions the baby may have had to any vaccine or antibiotic. Many vaccines contain egg protein; inform the pediatrician if your child is allergic to egg before vaccinating the baby.

Is Vaccine the cause?

The child may develop a health problem in close proximity to the time of a vaccine administration. This does not however entail that the medical condition is indeed due to immunization. It is important to know whether the medical condition is caused by the vaccine or not, before starting the treatment.

A baby may not have had reactions to any of the earlier vaccines, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t have reactions to other vaccines. Each vaccine has a different composition and it is difficult to foretell. It is best to stay observant to detect any problem in time.

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