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Ways to Fight Gastritis

5 Causes of Digestion Problems

Digestive problems are often not discussed in polite companies and are often one of the most avoided topics related to health. But it is really important to be discussed, as neglecting it might cause some really long-term and harmful effects to your digestive system.

Such problems may arise due to the harmful bacteria consumed through food and water, stress, infection, some medical conditions like colitis and some medications. People face potential embarrassments due to the digestive problems.

Let’s discuss some of the causes which might help us in keeping a check on them.

According to one of the top Gastroenterologists in Gurgaon, The fundamental cause of all kinds of issues related to the digestive system are:

#1 Chronic Unintentional Dehydration

Dehydration can leave one vulnerable and weak, which acts as a magnet for many diseases. 

All the functions which occur in the body depend of the water content. The body gets water through all the hydrated supplements we intake. But at the same time, we also need to take a certain amount of plain water every day. Proper hydration also helps in building immunity. One of the major causes of Urinary incontinence is chronic unintentional dehydration.

#2 Lack of Nutrition

The two main categories in which nutrients are divided are: micronutrients and macronutrients.

Macro nutrients, as the name suggests, are those nutrients which play a big role in providing all the vital nutrients that are required by the body to function, like fats, carbohydrates, fiber and proteins. But one also needs micro-nutrients, which are important, for a proper functioning of the body like minerals, vitamins, trace-minerals, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, pigments like chlorophyll and phyto-nutrients. Majority of the macro-nutrients are consumed by people in their regular diet. Macro-nutrient deficiency is a serious problem in India. This deficiency may lead to malnutrition and starvation.

#3 Excessive nutrition (Macro and micro nutrient imbalance)

There are many people who over-eat, which often leads to the body consuming excessive quantities of proteins, refined carbohydrates and ample fat. We also tend to eat a lot a lot of junk food, processed and packaged and snacks. We don’t chew our food, we consume beverages like coffee and fizzy drinks etc. which are harmful for our health, and we do not exercise.

All these things lead to excessive nutrients in your body which is not healthy. When our digestive system gets stressed from getting to much to churn, instead of breaking down the nutrients it transforms the food into fat and stores it in our body, in between organs.

#4 Intestinal Dysbiosis

Your intestines have healthy bacteria that help you to digest your food. When there is an imbalance in the quantity of the bacteria, you would fall sick and the problem won’t be solved until you go the niche of the problem to resolve it.

The basic cause of intestinal dysbiosis inside your body is the fluctuating distribution of beneficial and pathological bacteria. But the solution to this problem is easy. You just have to fix the balance between the two. Taking pro-biotic supplements help in balancing them.

#5 Stress

According to one of the best Gastroenterologists in Delhi, stress plays a big role in creating digestion problems. Balancing the stress related factors is really important. Remember that whatever we do, it somehow affects our health. All our habits somehow influence our health, which includes our temperament. Hence we should keep a check on them.

All these reasons might lead to serious conditions and needs immediate attention, even if the symptoms seem trivial. One should pay heed to the call. After all it is a matter of one’s own health.

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