A fever is an illness in which the body temperature is elevated above the normal 37℃. If you have elevated body temperatures then you should definitely take a look at this article where we discuss viral fever symptoms and viral fever treatment. Usually, during a viral fever, you would feel a little exhausted, nauseous, and constant wave of chills. Viral fever tends to last for a week or two at a stretch. With that said, it is still not a causing of alarming concerns and usually goes away without any requirement of going to the doctor but it is still advisable to get yourself checked if you feel it’s becoming severe.

Viral Fever Causes

To get viral fever treated you should know the possible causes of this illness. One of the most common causes is airborne and waterborne viral infection. These infections can cause common cold which also goes by the name acute viral rhinopharyngitis. This common cold is not known to cause serious problems other than an elevated body temperature and few other minor viral fever symptoms. Here is a list of some more viral fever causes.

Viral Fever Symptoms

Fever is also known as pyrexia. In a fever, the elevated body temperature is immune system’s mechanism of producing a substance called pyrogen which may either be released from the invading bacteria or the damaged cells of the body. From this, we can infer that increased body temperature is one of the possible viral fever symptoms, in a similar way let’s take a look at all the possible viral fever symptoms.

  1. Joint Pain
  2. Frequent Puking
  3. Congestion of the Nose
  4. A Cough
  5. Skin Rash
  6. Diarrhea
  7. A Constant Headache

If you exhibit any of the above symptoms along with a fever, then there is a possibility that it is a viral fever, to confirm you should get yourself checked.

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Viral Fever Prevention

If you have the viral fever symptoms and the doctors have confirmed your illness to be viral fever then consider going for one of the many viral fever treatment. However, if you want to be on the safer side and prevent the chances of catching a viral fever then following are the measures.

  • Wash your hands before every meal.
  • Avoid foods from the stalls right along the streets.
  • Stay hydrated at all times.
  • Always cover your mouth when you have to sneeze or a cough.
  • You should keep a hand sanitizer handy when outside.

Viral Fever Diagnosis

Before getting the viral fever treatment your doctor would run a few tests as a part of the diagnosis to confirm that you are indeed suffering from a viral fever. Here is the list of some of those tests.

  • Antibody Test for Viral Fever
    A viral antigen test is a cheap and one of the effective ways of detecting viral fever.
  • Viral Antigen Detection Test
    This test helps to identify what specific strain of virus is causing the viral fever
  • Viral Culture Test
    This test is required for a patient who has had the fever for more than a week.

Viral Fever Treatment

The viral fever treatment can either be done with medication or at home for which you can refer to our take on viral fever home remedies. The medication way of viral fever treatment is as follows.

1. Over-the-counter medication

When the patient feels highly agitated because of the fever, your doctor may recommend you over-the-counter medication to prevent those discomforts.

2. Prescription Medication

Your doctor may recommend you to buy some antibiotics. These antibiotics aren’t viral fever treatment, only provides comfort to the patient for some time. With that said, it is not usually not recommended to get yourself treated for viral fever because it tends to go away in a short period of time.

3. Treatment for Infants

The babies who are less than a month old might need to be admitted to the hospital because the baby’s immune system is not quite ready to deal with a viral fever.

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Take Home – Viral Fever Symptoms & Viral Fever Treatment

Viral fever may be an illness which causes discomfort to the patient but it is usually a cause for concern and can be managed by complete bed rest. If you still feel that the viral fever symptoms could cause more serious then you should immediately consult a doctor. The viral fever treatment are very effective.

Remember “Health always comes first”.

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