Voice changes in teens

Teenagers go through many changes in their bodies. Why is my voice changing? Does girls also go through voice changes? Find out here.

Voice changes in teens
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There was something different in Karan's voice. At first I thought it was a sore throat but soon realized he was at the age where a boy's voice becomes a guy's. It's one of many developments that take place in both boys and girls when they reach puberty.

Voice changes in boys

When a boy reaches puberty his body begins to produce a lot of testosterone which causes changes in several parts of the body, including the voice. A guy's Adam's apple, also known as the voice box, grows bigger. This is also responsible to make voice related changes. There are two muscles in the Adam's apple present in the throat, called the vocal cords which are like rubber bands. When you are breathing or speaking the vocal cords relax and contract, respectively. This movement is what causes them to ultimately produce the tone of your voice. As a boy's Adam's apple grows with age, the vocal cords also grow thicker along with which the facial bones begin to grow and the face begins to look different. There are specific cavities in the face, like the nose, and the back of the throat -thus creating more space for the voice to echo. All of these factors cause your voice to get deeper and you start sounding different!

Do girls have Adam's apple?

Even for girls, the voice box grows -but not as much as a guy's. Girls do not have an Adam's apple.

Why is my voice hard to control?

A growing body takes time to get used to changes and so your voice can be a bit difficult to control. A boy's voice "cracks", fortunately, this cracking is only temporary. It mostly lasts a few months. But every guy's voice changes are not the same. For some guys, changes in the voice may be subtle while very prominent in others.

How deep will my voice be?

How deep a guy's voice gets depends mainly on his genes! The cracking stage doesn't last long, but the fact is most guys' voices don't fully mature until their twenties.