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Ways of Preventing Cancer Naturally

We all know that cancers don’t develop overnight but build on progressively based on the environment we live in and the food we eat it along with our overall lifestyle. Follow these general tips to keep cancers at bay.

Cut down on your sugar and processed foods
Reduce your intake on any food item that has been processed, deep fried, refined and has lots of artificial flavors and sugars. All of these have a synergistic effect in altering our normal physiology and may act as important risk factors for developing cancers. High consumption of sugary drinks may increase your risk on endometrial cancers in women apart from causing diabetes and obesity. Make your diet rich in foods that are fiber rich and have simple sugars.

Make vegetables and fruits your staple diet
Add cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower into your diet; Broccoli is a known cancer-preventing super food, and contributes significantly in making the body alkaline. The shift towards alkaline pH inhibits the formation and proliferation of cancer cells. Consuming garlic, which contains allyl sulfur compounds and help in stimulating the immune system’s natural defenses against cancer, is also advised. It helps in causing apoptosis (self-death) of cancer cells.

Get some sunlight

Vitamin D, an essential part of the body immune system and well as essential for bone development, is made in the presence of sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency leads to limited communication between cells, preventing them to stick together and hence allowing them to spread. It also facilitates proper cell maturation and reproduction, which might lead to tumor formation, if not carried out properly.

Drink green tea

The healing power of green tea has been underrated; it is rich in compounds called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) , which is known to be one of the most powerful anti-cancer compounds. Regular consumption of green tea can cut down the risk of many cancers significantly.

Walk, Walk and Walk
We all know that exercise of any form is essential for keeping healthy; brisk walk for around 30-40 minutes can help cutting down the risk of cancers significantly. Women who exercise have a reduced risk of breast cancer than women who don’t and that is essentially a major push to rev up our routine.

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