Top 8 Causes of Hip Pain That Radiates Down The Leg

What causes hip pain that radiates down the leg? Hip pain that radiates down the leg can be caused by various conditions such as lumbosacral radiculopathy, etc.

Top 8 Causes of Hip Pain That Radiates Down The Leg
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Hip pain can be caused by the largest joint in the body, the hip joint. While different issues can cause hip pains, they can make walking, running, sleeping, and sitting difficult. Usually, when hip pain radiates down the leg, it is caused due to sciatica nerve, or the ball and socket joints of the hips or joints that provide stability and make the hip bear the body's weight. Hip pain can involve discomfort that is felt in and around the hip joint, which is common in adults and can occur in the front side or the back of the hip. This blog will look into Possible causes of hip pain radiating down the leg.

What causes Hip pain to radiate down the leg?

Sometimes, the hip pain can radiate down the leg due to the nerves that run from the hip to the front, back, and side of the legs. This pain can irritate the sciatica's nerve, lumbar, and sacral nerve roots. Musculoskeletal conditions like sacroiliac joint dysfunction or piriformis syndrome can also cause pain. Some of the causes of hips pain that radiates down the leg are mentioned here-

#1 Sciatica nerve pain-

Sciatica nerve painSciatica nerve pain can begin in the back of the leg and radiate towards the hip and down the leg. It can often be associated with numbness, tingling, and weakness; the pain can be described as sharp, shooting, or burning pain in the hips. This can be caused by.
  • A herniated or slipped disc can cause sciatic pain. 
  • An abnormal growth of the spinal canal or spinal stenosis can result in the development of radiating pain that can be used by sciatica.
  • Osteoarthritis or bone spurs can cause the aging of the spine and injury to the back.
  • Piriformis syndrome is when the muscle deepens in the buttock and tightens and causes spasms, numbness, and tingling sensation along the back of the leg and into the foot.
If you are suffering from radiating pain, the doctor can help you determine the real cause to determine the best treatment options. So don't suffer from the radiating hip pain longer; schedule an appointment today with a healthcare provider. You may also read about What will a hospital do for sciatica pain : 5 treatments. Also Read: How To Sleep With Sciatica

#2 Osteoarthritis of the hip-

Osteoarthritis of the hip
  • Hip osteoarthritis, or hip joint wear and tear, frequently causes intense, unbearable pain in the hip and groin region. 
  • The discomfort may sometimes expand to the front of the thigh and knee and places below the knees. 
  • The pain is frequently worse in the morning, after lengthy periods of sitting or relaxing, and after physical exertion. 
  • In addition, a locking, sticking, or grinding sound may occur during hip movements. 

#3 Labral tear in the hip-

Labral tear in the hip
  • The symptoms of a torn labrum or cartilaginous ring around the hip socket can vary. Labral rips most commonly produce groin discomfort. However, pain on the side of the hip or buttocks is also possible.
  • Pain from a labral tear may be initially noticed during or after strenuous exercise or other activities. 
  • In addition, pain may be detected during less intense tasks, such as sitting, over time.
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#4 Impingement of the hip-

Impingement of the hip
  • If a man attempting to sit in a chair indicates pain like lightning bolts placed on his hip, then he has an impingement of the hip.
  • Hip pain and labral tears can occur due to improper contact between the hip joint bones, leading to hip impingement. 
  • Hip impingement discomfort can radiate from the front of the hip and side of the hip to the front side of the thigh or knee. 
  • This pain is generally aggravated by sitting, driving, squatting, or doing hip movements and rotations. 
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#5 Bursitis iliopsoas-

Bursitis iliopsoas
  • Hip discomfort can be due to the inflammation of the bursa, a small, thin fluid-filled sac in the front of the hip. 
  • This pain is frequently felt in the groin when aggressively bending the knee towards the chest. 
  • The problem can also result in snapping hip syndrome, which causes a pop, click, or snap when the hip is moved. 
  • This snap is generally felt and heard when the hip is transferred from a flex to a straight posture, such as standing up from a chair.
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#6 Hip external snapping-

Hip external snapping
  • A snap, pop, or clicking sound is produced when a muscle or tendon glides over the bony projection near the top of the thigh bone. 
  • This issue has similar or worse pain when you apply direct pressure to the side of your hip. 
  • The soreness could also go down the side of the thigh. 
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#7 Bursitis of the hip (Side)-

Bursitis of the hip (Side)Hip discomfort can be due to inflammation of the sizable trochanteric bursa positioned on the side of the hip joint. In addition, direct pressure on the side of the hip usually causes pain, which can spread down the side of the thigh.Also Read: 10 Best Exercises for Hip Bursitis Relief

# 8 Bursitis of the Hip (Back)-

Bursitis of the Hip (Back)Bursitis of the Hip pain causes hip pain radiating down the leg. Both illnesses are part of a hip problem spectrum known as greater trochanteric pain syndrome. This syndrome also includes tears of the gluteus minimus and medius muscles, which are placed on the side and rear of the hip and can produce pain. 

Is walking beneficial for hip pain?

Walking is one of the most effective strategies to alleviate hip discomfort. However, you have additional options if you still suffer from the pain despite a daily walk. Regular physical treatment might be highly beneficial if you've suffered a hip injury.



Multiple answers exist for what causes hip pain that radiates down the leg. Hip pain that radiates down the leg can be a symptom of various conditions like sciatica. That happens when the sciatic nerve is pinched or irritated. This compression can result from herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and even muscle imbalances. Hip bursitis is another potential cause of hip pain that radiates down the leg, where the fluid-filled sac helps cushion and lubricant the joints. Sometimes it can be caused by osteoarthritis, hip labral tears, or even referred pain from the lower back. In either of the conditions, getting in touch with your doctor and asking for medication that can help relieve the pain radiating down the leg is essential. Also, it would help to exercise regularly and relieve the causes of hip pain radiating down the leg.Also Read: Hernia - Types and causes | Diagnosis & Management 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if my hip pain is because of sciatica?

Your hip pain can be because of sciatica when the hip problems cause a tingling sensation in the entire leg.

What exercises can help with hip pain?

Exercises that can help with hip pain are bridge postures.

What is a good sleeping position in case of hip pain?

It would be best to sleep in the back while having hip pain.

What are the best medications for hip pain?

Some of the best medications for hip pain are acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

How to know if the hip pain is severe?

Hip pain is severe when a serious form of injury causes it.