In 2020, an estimated 396,105 people had BBL surgery. There had been an increase in surgery from 2016 by 19.3%. This is because more and more people prefer having a fuller butt and curvier figure. It is an increasingly popular aesthetic image, especially for people between 20 and 40. But what is BBL surgery? and why it is required? The BBL Surgery or butt lift treatment involves removing extra fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. Furthermore, This blog covers the people eligible for BBL surgery,  the steps involved in a BBL surgery, recovery time, and much more.

What is BBL surgery?

BBL, or Brazilian butt lift, is a surgical procedure that uses liposuction (a procedure that helps remove fat from any part of the body) and augmentation to transfer the fat from other body parts to the butt. This procedure provides fullness and creates a superior posture for the but. Though there are higher chances of success of the procedure, it is only sometimes undertaken by people.

Who is eligible for BBL surgery?

Since potential risk factors are associated with BBL surgery, selecting patients is essential. Surgeons should be strict with their qualification criteria and extremely careful while selecting candidates for BBL surgery. 

Any patient should have realistic expectations and is patient with results. The patient should be close to their ideal body weight and not be a smoker. The most eligible patients are the ones that have an excess of body fat in specific body parts to transfer to the but. Implants are a good option if you don’t have excess body fat.

Why is BBL Surgery Required?

The BBl surgery has many benefits, like an enhanced buttock and a contoured body. Fat grafting in the buttocks takes 30-40% of fat from the stomach and provides volume in the butt. If you desire more volume, you can get more fat removed from the body parts and deposited in the butt. This process provides the patients with the curves and figures they have desired for the longest time.

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Step-by-step process of the BBL surgery?

BBL surgery is performed under general anesthesia. So there are fewer chances of experiencing pain from the patient undergoing the operation.

However, these general steps occur during a Brazilian butt lift procedure-

  1. The liposuction process, which helps remove fat from the lower body parts or your thighs, is extracted chiefly.
  2. The fat is purified and injected at specific points on the buttocks. The fat is injected in the desired places to give the desired shape and size.
  3. Pain is minimalistic, and you might have some tenderness, but any painkillers are not required.
  4. After the procedure, it usually takes 12-15 days to return to light daily activity. However, it is not advised to put pressure on the but while sitting, lying down, or putting pressure directly on the injected areas for at least two weeks.
  5. Sleep on your back as much as you can and kneel or stand light. Do not perform vigorous activity during the recovery period.
  6. Generally, you should be able to sit after eight weeks. Full recovery takes about six months, and swelling is reduced by this time, and the result lasts many years. But you should maintain a stable weight to keep the procedure intact.

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Potential Risks & Side Effects of  Brazilian butt lift procedure – 

BBL is generally considered safe when performed by regular practitioners. However, there can be some potential risk factors and complications related to the procedure. 

  • Side effects include:
  • Infections
  • Scarring
  • Lumpy or even texture in the but.
  • Prolonged pain.

Fat can be injected into the bloodstream and cause a fat embolism of the heart and the lungs. It can be dangerous for the person undergoing surgery. Hence, the patients must be sure if they want to experience this process. Furthermore, choosing the right cosmetologist to perform this surgery is crucial. It can guarantee better results and fewer chances of side effects.

What are the advantages of a Brazilian butt lift?

There are certain advantages of having Brazilian butt lift surgery. 

  • This procedure is safer than other silicone butt implants.
  • The effects look more natural.
  • The effects last longer.
  • It can help in boosting your self-esteem.
  • Your clothes may fit better.
  • You will get the exact shape and texture for your butt.

Patients’ recovery after the BBL surgery?

Like any grafting process, 20-40% of the fat injected in the but will be absorbed by the body during healing from the surgery. To preserve the injected tissue in the but, it is essential to not put any pressure on the but or the injected area during the recovery period. It takes about three weeks for the buttock appearance to be visible and three to six months to see changes in the shape. Shaped refines, and the curve becomes more prominent with time.

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FAQs –

Is a Brazilian butt lift Permanent?

The effects of the Brazilian butt lift are semi-permanent and last for several years after the surgery. They can even last for many years after the surgery. But the effects may subside in your older age. Therefore, to preserve your curve and volume after the surgery, it is essential to maintain your weight in the same stage.

What makes a BBL surgery dangerous?

A bbl surgery uses fat transfer or fat grafting, which is considered a safe procedure for the patients. Still, the risks are associated with the anatomical part where the procedure is being operated. The butt is the anatomical region that carries a lot of blood vessels. During injections, it is effortless for fat to enter the bloodstream and clog the blood vessels, which can eventually be a reason for the death of the patients. So yes, BBL surgeries can be dangerous.

What will happen if I sit too soon after a BBL surgery?

If you sit too soon after a BBL surgery, then there are chances that it can damage the fat cells on the buttocks. Sitting on the tissues that have injected fat can impact your blood circulation. Blood circulation is important for the cell to thrive. It can reduce or destroy the fat cells injected into the butt.

Summary – 

BBl or Brazilian butt surgery is the procedure that helps in uplifting the butt after extracting fat from different body parts and putting it back into the butt. Though the method is safe when performed by a regular practitioner. There can be some side effects. The recovery period and precautions after the surgery are critical to keeping the texture and shape of the butt perfect.

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