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  1. #1. Head hurts?
    1. #2. Fatigue

Women tend to get so engrossed in taking care of everybody else that they barely get time to take care of themselves.

Some of the symptoms may seem trivial but it just might be an underlying cause to a serious health condition. It is, thus, important to have an eye out for any changes in the body to prevent any long-term health repercussions. Given below are 10 major health symptoms that women need to be alert against and seek medical help for.

#1. Head hurts?

Headache may often be the result of stress and exertion but frequent headaches just might be pointing towards a more serious medical condition. It could be a migraine but if other symptoms of a migraine are absent, it could be something as serious as a brain aneurysm. Family history of brain aneurysms or an addiction to cigarette smoking increases the chances of this condition. If headache persists, consult an experienced neurologist.

#2. Fatigue

It is normal to feel fatigued after a long day of work, home and family chores. However, if the condition is persistent, it is advisable to get examined by a medical expert. This fatigue might be as a result of hypothyroidism, depression, lung cancer or heart disease.

#3. Rectal bleeding

Pregnant women will especially consider this condition to be normal, but it is not. Rectal bleeding can be a sign of rectal cancer. If given timely medical attention, this condition can be cured.

#4. Change in bowel behavior

Pain in the abdomen, bloating or change in bowel habits may be due to a serious condition like colon cancer, ovarian cancer, or bowel syndrome.

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#5. Chest pain

Symptoms of a heart disease are subtler in women than in men. An uneasy feeling in the chest is easily mistaken as acidity but if the condition is frequent it may have more to it than it appears. If the chest pain persists for a couple of days, see a trusted cardiologist.

#6. Difficulty in breathing

If you find it difficult to breathe after a normal physical activity, then it may point towards a possible heart disorder. Conditions such as asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis or a clot in the blood may be the reason behind this occurrence.

#7. Moles

If an old mole begins to appear a little different, it may be a cause of concern. One of the major causes of skin cancer are moles that become malignant with time.

#8. Breast lumps

The most common symptom to detect breast cancer, if you notice a lump in the breast, consult a doctor immediately and seek medical guidance.


#9. Joint pain

Swelling of legs and persistent pain in joints may point towards arthritis, lupus, kidney or liver disease.

#10. Irregular menstrual cycle

A regular menstrual cycle is a way for the body to let you know your hormones are sorted. Erratic menstrual cycles increase the risk of reduced fertility and osteoporosis.

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