Thursday , March 30 2023
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Wondering How Do You Make A Simple Bun with Short Hair? Here’s How

Do you ever just get so tired of letting your hair down every single day that you just want to change your look and tie it up sometimes? But wait… you have short hair so whenever you tie it up, strands of hair start popping out which makes your overall look seem kind of messy, if this happens to you then you definitely know where I am coming from! However, that is until I discovered a magical hairpiece that completely revamped my day-to-day hair look. The bun pieces! Their hairpieces are truly magic, because not only do they give you a refined, classy, and elegant hairstyle – but they are super functional and high quality. 

How I Make My Simple Bun with Short Hair!

I have extremely short hair, so short that if I tie a ponytail, my hair just sticks up in the air. So, making a bun with short hair was close to impossible until I got my hands on the hairpieces. These hairpieces are made with high-quality hair fibers which blend into my hair and make it look as if it is my own hair. So, how do I make my day-to-day simple bun with short hair?

Well, first I tie my hair into a sleek bun. Sometimes I make the bun on top of my head if I am going to go run errands or grab a cup of coffee with my friend. The high simple bun looks great if you want a casual outlook. However, if I am going to the office or out at a formal dinner I grab a pony and make a simple low bun. Now at this point, if you have thin hair as I do, your simple bun will look very dead, tiny, and sad. But wait for the magic to happen! 

After I have secured my simple bun in place, I pin up any and all strands of hair that are popping out of my bun – you can definitely relate if you have short hair like me. Once the bobby pins are in place, you move on to the last step. 

Bring out the hairpiece! Your bun is in place now, all you need to do is attach your hairpiece, if you are going for a simple bun look, then you can get yourself a simple hairpiece. However, if you want a jazzy voluminous hair look – you should definitely go for the messy bun piece. Secure your hairpiece onto the bun you made and voila! You are ready to take on the world with a hair look that turns heads and slays! 

Stylish, Classy & Simple 

Also, if you have frizzy short hair, you should definitely try out the shampoo, it’ll make the frizz go away and tame your hair, allowing your simple sleek bun to last the entire day – without a hair out of place. So ladies, what are you waiting for? Try out the simple bun look to work, formal dinners, casual hangouts and look drop-dead gorgeous!

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