The cricket season is soon going start with the bolstering performances of the top bided players in the IPL. The beginning of the IPL brings a lot of fun and festive mode for the audiences. Well! Do you know on what basis do the team management bid for their respective players in this shortest cricket format? It is the “Yo-yo test in cricket”. Let us understand what is the yo-yo test in cricket a.k.a. yo-yo endurance test.

What is the Yo-Yo Test in Cricket?

It is one of the prime benchmarks used for evaluating the performance patterns of a player. Yo-yo endurance test is a test conducted to compute the endurance and fitness level of a player. It is a strength gauging exercise-based test, which is similar to the Blip test conducted long back during 2001-02.

Fun Fact: Well! You will be surprised to know that even the top players such as Yuvraj Singh, Washington Sundar, Suresh Raina couldn’t pass this difficult test.

How is the Yo-Yo Endurance Test Performed?

How is yo yo endurance test performed
Learn how is yo-yo endurance test performed. Image Source: Google Images.

The yo-yo test in cricket, also known as the yo-yo endurance test takes place in a patterned form, following the below-mentioned sets:

  • Three cones, call it A, B and C are placed ahead of each other. A is placed 5m away from B, while C remains 20m away from B.
  • The player shuttles between B and C at his highest pace, coming back to B, along with a pre-recorded beep, played in the background.
  • Reaching to B, he walks to A and returns back to B, within the predetermined time for the next round of the shuttle.
  • The calculated distance between B and A in comparison to the time taken by the player is calculated as his recovery time, prior to his next run.
  • With the ascending test, the beep’s time after every shuttle decreases, forcing the player to increase his speed in this yo-yo endurance test.
  • With approximately 14.4 seconds in hand for covering the 40 meter run between B and C, the next shuttle time decrease down to 10 seconds. This makes the yo-yo test in cricket even tougher.

What are the various levels of the yo-yo test

Yo Yo Test in Cricket Team Cut Offs
Yo-Yo Test in Cricket Team Cut-Offs. Image Source:
  • Every player starts with level 5 speeds.
  • Further moving to 9, which contains one shuttle, each.
  • The next level 11 contains two shuttles
  • Level 12 has three, and while 13 has four.
  • And, 23 is the highest level of the yo-yo endurance test; however, none have yet even approached close to it.

Different countries have their different qualifying levels for the test.

  • For example- India makes it compulsory for its players to complete the level 16:1, however, West Indies are at 19; Pakistan is at 17:4 and New Zealand expects 20:1.

What is the importance of the yo-yo test in cricket?

The yo-yo endurance test is the most important fortitude test for the players to identify their stamina and recovery standards.

With the matches going shorter, the players need to be competent enough to survive the stamina needs within the shortest recovery period or break. This can only be determined by a standard test, being followed worldwide.

Test Scores of Indian Cricketers

Amongst the Indian players, the lowest set score on the test was 16.1. Players with exceptional results were:

  • Manish Pandey reached 19.2,
  • Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and M.S. Dhoni reached 19
  • Ashish Nehra reached 18.5
  • Yuvraj Singh reached 16

All these tests had been performed before the final team selection for an upcoming series.

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How does the yo-yo test in Cricket affects the career of the players?

yo yo test in cricket - yo yo endurance test
Indian players performing yo-yo test in cricket – yo-yo endurance test. Image Source: Google

Failing the yo-yo endurance test in cricket is a major threat to a player’s career, but there are exceptions, too.

  • Yuvraj Singh, who hasn’t been featured in the Indian ODI team after the West Indies tour and in the T20 format after the England series is yet awaited to clear his yo-yo endurance test.
  • This September, Raina once again had to undergo a yo-yo test, which he had failed after playing two Duleep Trophy matches.
  • The famous Ashish Nehra, 38 took the test recently before his retirement and clocked at 18:4, which is outstanding.
  • Manish Pandey is one of those extreme Indian players, who has set a high raised Indian benchmark, with 19:2 score in the yo-yo test.

Being asked to a BCCI official: “Does the yo-yo endurance test affect the Indian group on the field?”

Replying to this query, he said, “Any player who covers 20 meters in less than three seconds is tremendously useful. It enables the defenders to get a hold of tough catches which fall on the boundary.”

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Developed by Danish soccer, Yo-Yo test in cricket is a mandate to evaluate an individual’s aerobic endurance fitness. It involves a cricketer shuttling between two cones that are set 20 meters apart. However, it cannot be considered as the only parameter to strike the players’ name from the team list.


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